Let's talk numbers - How many bikes do you have?

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  • J F Wilson f&f, 1981, R501 I think.
    Some sort of Raleigh / Carlton, late 70’s / early 80’s single speed, gaspipe.
    Battaglin Power+, c. 1996/7, Columbus (can’t remember which).
    Dave Yates light tourer, 1994, R531C.
    Graeme Weigh, c. 1992, Columbus (Thron I think).
    J W Holdsworth Golden Hurricane, 1960, R531.
    Cannondale Jekyll 900, 1999, all aluminium :)
    Bob Jackson, 2001, R531C.
    Look after a 60’s-ish BSA town bike, single speed.
    A Dawes town bike, c. 2010

  • Brooklyn Gangsta V1
    Kona Stab 2003
    Lahar DHV M9
    Iron Horse Sunday
    Dialed 4x Bike
    Yeti DJ
    3 x Honda Zoomers

    Must sell some.

  • Damn, this topic reminds me as well that I'll need to reduce my collection in a couple of years:

    1. Vetta steel vintage road (sunday/fair day cruising)
    2. Rossin steel vintage lo pro (^ same, but faster)
    3. Alain Michel steel lo pro track (tarck)
    4. Cannondale track (track only from now on, after selling my look)
    5. Klein Quantum neo-retro'ish fast road
    6. Surly cross check (sscx)
    7. Corex/Nagaswagga racklyf beater (my everyday go-to bike)
    8. Cookie fluro radness soon to be winter commuter (just need to finish all the cabling)

    Update after my last message 3 years ago, didn't manage to reduce my collection as wanted. Number 6 and 8 burnt in my building's parking garage. So found myself another sscx and geared commuter.
    I've built a samson, repainted the cookie frame, replaced nr 3 with a sandblasted look al264, freshly repainted too. Also bought a cannondale bad boy to commute with the kids safely and recently found a cannondale vintage mtb.

    So my list now looks like this:

    1. Vetta steel vintage road (sunday/fair day cruising)
    2. Rossin steel vintage lo pro (soon to be full mavic)
    3. Look AL264 (summer fixeh)
    4. Cannondale track (repainted purple flake recently)
    5. Klein Quantum neo-retro'ish countryside road
    6. Rychtarski sscx
    7. Cinelli Vigorelli (fancy beater)
    8. Cookie not so fluro anymore (nice steel road bike)
    9. Merckx Corsa Teve Blad (geared commuter)
    10. Samson Dura Ace 10 pitch
    11. Cannondale Bad Boy
    12. Cannondale Killer V900

    By now I know this isn't going to get any better, specially since I've got a few frames waiting to be built. So I've found the perfect solution and opened up a bike shop! \o/

  • Cinelli Super Corsa 1979. In rough shape, plan to restore some day.
    Used to have Super Record, upgraded to C Record in 1986 and it was such shit I never went back to Campagnolo.
    Dogma 60.1, Sky, frame only
    Dogma 2, Cavendish, DA7900, best ride ever.
    Garneau A1, DA 9070 gears and 8000 everything else.
    Sandvik G-Man titanium frame only.
    DeKerf, built with the parts from a Rocky Mountain Ti Bolt I wrecked.
    I want to get down to one nice road bike and one nice off road/winter bike.
    Probably Sandvik (very similar to the Rocky) and Dogma2.
    Or maybe put risers on the Cinelli and use it for everything.

  • 2.5;
    ‘09 Trek District belt driven ss with ‘guards that’s been my every day run around for the past 10 years.
    ‘16 GT Grade with 650bx42 tyres as my Sunday best take any road I damn well please sorta road bike.
    ‘16 As yet unnamed frame I build and still havn’t finished that will take over from the Grade in 2020 maybe...

    And since I love riding the District but I also love the 650b tyres and the way they let you ride like a bit of a hooligan my 2025 project will be a steel framed, belt driven, 650b wheeled District homage. Or maybe 2035....

  • where your shop?

  • Amazing collection, pics of purple flake C-track please!

  • Downsized a lot recently.

    Supersix hi mod - weapon/Sunday best

    Caad 7 saeco - 'training'/cruising bike

    Dave Yates audax/light tourer thing,
    Rock lobster hardtail,
    Croix de fer,

    Don Brooks 90s steel,
    System Six

  • A bit far from most people here, it's in Lyon, France.

  • Thanks! Lighting doesn't make it justice.. here's a pic but we can see it better in the video.

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Let's talk numbers - How many bikes do you have?

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