Let's talk numbers - How many bikes do you have?

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  • Currently 4 and it will stay like this for some time...next bike is a kids bike then

    1992 Canondale Track
    2013 Bianchi Pista Beater
    Giro NJS HHSB
    On One Pompino v4

  • caad12 disc
    Hong fu fm066
    Bianchi 1885
    Cervelo s5
    genesis equilibrium disc commuter

  • jamis renegade
    tcr advanced
    santacruz highball

  • Cannondale caad4 f1000 headshok mtb
    Paul Donohue (Graham weigh branded) 853 track
    Ciocc San Cristobal

    In parts: balk (eddy Merck's)track bike
    To get fixed; Reynolds 853 thorn xtc made by Lee cooper

    Only 6 then ;)

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  • Bmc TMR01
    Tonic Fab supernaut
    Caad 5 USA
    Specialized Allez Sprint
    Falcon pub bike

    And Isen no 12 which is my current project.

    Not as much as others but I think it’s a good amount for the age 24

  • 1991 Trek 8900
    1992 Scott pro racing
    Gary fisher ferrous 29er
    Kenesis ff29
    1994? Pinarello monvisio
    1981 Alan compitizone
    Traitor exile
    1948 Raleigh record ace
    Dawes town bike 60s unknown model
    Carlton kermese
    Sarto/Campagnolo promo bike
    Look 795
    Klein quantum
    Look kg221
    Genesis equilibrium to disc
    Vitus 992
    Trek 2300
    Hill climb special unknown model budget 6kg bike.

    I keep on eying up bikes from c.1900

  • This thread would be so much more interesting with pictures..

  • Rod_Saetan


    do enlighten us

  • Mine are all filthy. Was going to clean one today but frankly I'm fucked after today's ride.

  • My stable has grown by 50% from 7 to 10.5
    @t0-ster feel free to post pics

  • folding train commuter
    summer road
    winter road
    90s beater pub schoolrun MTB
    old-ish 26er full bouncy
    vintage rotting away in the garden
    fixed currently in bits
    and a partridge in a pear tree.

  • Yeeesssss.

    Keep the visuals coming!

  • My CAADs, Arkose and GF’s Look

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  • My current setup. Elin, C-track and Landshark

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  • My mission will be to get 17 down to 4 (each) for us this summer..

  • 4 is ideal if you ask me:

    • fancy summer road bike
    • functional tourer/gravel/CX/winter bike/whatever
    • MTB
    • pub bike/beater

    Skip the MTB if you're not into that, add track and/or TT if you do those things.

    Edit: it goes without saying that ideally you just buy all the bikes. But 4 is manageable and covers nearly all sorts of riding for most people.

  • Haven't got pics of them all, but I think me and the good lady have about 30 between us. That includes commuter bikes, race bikes, mtb's, 2 Bromptons, a Moulton, fixies, tandems, a recumbent, a trike, TT bikes, two pub bikes and some oddities.

  • I shamefully added to my "Twenty" collection today with a nice original Raleigh. The guy I got it from showed me part his collection of bikes - 150! I didn't have time, nor did he, to look properly but he has got a bit of a problem.

  • since I started sizing down on my road bikes, my number of (vintage) mountainbikes has only gone up...

    Latest count:

    1 tandem
    1 trackbike
    1 commuter
    3 CX bikes
    9 road bikes
    16 mountainbikes
    6 mountainbike frames
    4 road frames

  • Currently fully built:

    Graham Weigh 531 road
    Orbea MTB
    Genesis geared commuter
    Kona Paddy Wagon single speed commuter

    Frame Only:

    On-one 853 Inbred (must build this for the summer)
    98ish vintage Stumpjumper (vague plans to build drop bar MTB/monster cross)

    Son: B-twin MTB
    Daughter: B-Twin hybrid
    Wife: Rockhopper (never ridden)

  • 853 Tandem
    Track bike (must sell soon 😔)
    18" BMX
    20" freestyle BMX
    20" race BMX
    Cruiser BMX
    fixed Cinelli CXSS rat
    Road bike
    Cargo bike
    Touring bike
    Presto NJS jewellery bike

    Plus too many framesets knocking about that I should probably sell

  • 22 now built up

    One about to be purchased.i have a problem.

  • O.k
    1948 Raleigh record ace fixed
    Alan competition
    Pinarello monvisio
    Pinarello stelvio
    Klein quantum
    Traitor exile
    Genesis equilibrium disc ti
    Carlton kermese
    Hill climb special no idea what it is but it's purple now and light
    Look kg221
    Look 785
    Look 795
    Campagnolo promo sarto
    Trek 2300
    Dawes town bike
    Vitus 992
    Trek 8900
    Scott pro racing
    Gary fisher ferrous 29"
    Trek superfly
    Orange stage 4

    Lo pro to be bought.
    Kona lava some frame only
    Genesis CX frame

  • Scott pro racing

    which one?

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Let's talk numbers - How many bikes do you have?

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