Let's talk numbers - How many bikes do you have?

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  • How many bikes do you have? This thread is strictly about quantity, not quality, preferably no questions asked. There's not really a sense behind this, so don't question it. Only bikes with a wheelset and most of the components mounted count, they can still be a work in progress but should be more than just a frame. n+1 is not a permissible response. If you're embarassed cause you have too many or too little bikes, go somewhere else.

  • 7

    -Road 90s 1: Reynolds 531 & DA
    -Road 90s 2: SLX & Record 8
    -Road 80s: SL & Athena
    -Daily do-it-all bike: Ishiwata Road
    -Daily for when i'm in the NL: SS Franken-Gazelle
    -Lo Pro: Cromor & Shi 600
    -Track: Falcon & Campa NR/SR

  • Just the 6
    Folding bike
    Steel road bike, Raleigh record sprint space shuttle edition
    Carbon road bike,
    Aluminium cross bike,
    Franken-mountain bike bits of this and that
    Hybrid sort of bike, super value decathlon flat bar thing

  • How many bikes do you have?

    Not enough.

  • 5 currently
    Rat bike road
    90s carbon road
    90s carbon road 2
    Mtb beater shopper

  • Road, Track, BMX, 90's MTB.

  • 4
    road, ss commuter, cyclocross, mtb/touring

  • 5
    old school pista
    track pursuit
    fixed TT
    carbon track bike

  • 6

    steel road
    aluminium road
    carbon road
    titanium road
    steel ss commute
    steel cargo

  • 2,
    Road and fixed

  • Fancy road.
    Beater road.
    Old road.
    Old road 2.
    Fancy fixeh.
    Pub fixeh.
    Work bike.
    Old lo-pro.
    Fancy lo-pro.
    Loan bike for visitors 1.
    loan bike for visitors 2.

    That makes 17.

    Then if we allow 3 wheelers; cargo trike & fixeh vintage trike makes 19.

    If we're talking bikes in the garage there are also 6 kids bikes and 2 Mrs Hefty bikes.

    So 27 cycles in total. All of which have a proper independent purpose and get used. Except maybe the second old bike, that's the only one that feels an indulgence.

  • So 27 cycles in total. All of which have a proper independent purpose and get used.

    Beautiful, I've got tears in my eyes!

  • 1-Functional do all bike
    2-Beater road/audax
    4-Beater fixed
    8-1950s road bike, fixed
    9-90s MTB
    10-Beater MTB
    11-Vintage Hungarian coaster brake bike
    12-Beater cyclo-tourist bike
    13-1920s Parisian bike

    Not all in London's flat luckily, mostly at my parents in France... They do complain...

  • I enjoyed reading your post. I now feel I'm allowed to buy more bikes.

    1. Fixed
    2. Road
    3. Touring
    4. MTB
      Plus in same one bed flat
    5. Mrs Winnifred's road
    6. Mrs Winnifred's classic road

  • SS commuter
    Road audax
    Road "nice"
    Flat bar summer commuter thing
    Heavy beater with box on
    My wife's Brompton

    So 6


  • Six.
    Town 3 Speed
    Heavy Touring
    In order of frequency of use.

  • Respect. Still got the 979 Rory O'Brien?

  • Strong number of bikes game

  • 9

    Felt F1 FRD
    Cinelli Sueprcorsa
    Cielo Classic Sportif
    Nagasawa Track Special
    Concorde town bike
    Folding bike
    Kona King Kikapu (OG)
    Intense M1
    PK Ripper (1990)

    1. Vintage track
    2. Nice road
    3. Fixed balloon tyre lo pro thing
    4. Temporary commuter (mudguardless SSCX)
    5. Adventure/commuter in pieces after theft

    Rest of household:

    1. Cargo trike
    2. Kids MTB
    3. Kids bike
    4. Balance bike
  • 7

  • Well, fuck, I guess I could have used the search function :D

  • Sadly you need a computer science degree to use the search these days so you are forgiven.

  • took me a while to find

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Let's talk numbers - How many bikes do you have?

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