• Serottas, gazelles..some real classic framesets you have there. Love the orange too!
    If money allows hold on to all of them!

  • i love that serotta classique ! dibs

  • Neil Orrell SOLD
    Trek USPS SOLD
    Gazelle SOLD
    Orange P7 SOLD

    Surly LHT (54cm)
    Slowly built up, had a SLX group from parts bin, wanted something town friendly so it’s a 2x10 with SRAM CX rings 46/36 and a 11-36T rear. I bought some jewellers files and carefully filed the slots on the brakes so pads could move higher as it’s 26” but running 650B.

    summer mode with tan walls

    Added Surly Nice rack, Velo Orange mudguards, reflector, flaps & a bell for winter & maybe touring this summer (virus dependent). Weighs a ton (15kg) with all the accessories, contemplating putting a dynamo on for next winter.

    On One Pompino V3 (54cm)
    Didn’t do much to this, rescued from eBay and stripped it, added some clear coat to protect the paint. Slowly acquired parts and swapped with what I already had on other bikes. Had DA7600 on Hard Ano grey TB14s but braking performance wasn’t great so got some low flange Miche laced to Sun rhynos (on offer at SJS), 35c Paselas and 45 PDW guards. Everything basically sourced from here or eBay. Got the gas pipe stem on here. Great little round the town bike, gearing is 46x17, could come down a few GI, but its easy/hard enough to live with.
    Put a Spur Cycle copy off of AliX (rockbros one with the allen bolt), to my surprise is actually very good. Not the lightest with the basket and mudguards (4kg lighter than the LHT) but nice & simple, and a joy to ride.

    Serotta Atlanta (Colorado Concept) 1997? (56cm)

    Built this as an alternative to the Serotta Classique (below), I wanted to run Shimano 11spd, as the Classique was on a 10spd Shimergo. Atlanta has a full 6800 group with Praxis crank, Nitto Ui-12, FSA Vero compact, Hope Mono RS laced to Pacenti SL23s. Rides great, everything works, happy the Jack Brown Mile Munchers fit as I had them on another bike and was pleased with puncture protection and fat tread. Weighs almost exactly 9kg, although doesn't feel like it.

    Serotta Classique (53cm)

    Had this built up with Campag Chorus Carbon, with Ultegra 6800 group running shimergo (10 speed). Otherwise build basically identical to Atlanta, Praxis Crank, 6800 group, Thomson, Nitto Ui-12, Wheels differ; HED Ardennes to Pro IIIs (anyone know of a way to use 11 speed?
    This has now been benched, shifters sold and replaced with 6800s, plan on changing brakes to R8000s, swap the freehub to campag to test running Pro 3s 11 speed.

    Colossi Rambler CX (57x55cm)
    Originally had this as a flat bar set up 1x10, with zee and Deore hydros, have put fatter tyres (40c WTB Nanos), converted to drop bar with Vero orange tall stack, R8000 mechanical shifters with a RX800 clutch RD, HY/RDs. Also running same SRAM CX rings as on the LHT (46/36) to a Ultegra 11-32T. Wheels are Pro 4s laced to Archetypes. One day might convert to tubeless. Short reach from compact geo, rides great, need to fix some front disc rub, might be the HY/RD calliper.

    Surly Pacer (54cm)

    Built this to replace the Gazelle as a quicker commuter as although the LHT is great, it’s bit a tank and makes getting to work a slow (but fun) trip. Wa surprised to find enough clearance for 32c + guards. Full 6800 group, tektro R539 managed to wrap around tyre and mudguard. Praxis compact 50/34 with a 11-28T Ultegra cassette. Took some wrangling with the mudguard clearance as it kept rubbing. I enjoy the quieter DT 350 hub compared to the Hope on other bikes. Love riding this, i know surlys are love/hate but this is great and Pacers are often an overlooked frameset, sad they were discontinued.

    Surly 1x1 (M)
    Bob Jackson Vigorelli (56cm)

  • Surly 1x1 (M) Bob Jackson Vigorelli (56cm) Serotta Atlanta (56cm) Serotta Classique (53cm)


  • Surly & BJ are fair way from getting finished, too many things on the go
    Still got that proxima? ;-)

  • What's the stem on the LHT?

  • Lovely bunch of bikes. Colossi is my current favourite.

  • Since the lockdown not much has been coming/going. I realised I'd never posted the GT Arette i got for my gf, mostly original late 90s / early 2000s hybrid. Was bought umpteen hand probably but hadn't seen much use, was runing the original Acera 3x7 speed with combo levers/shifters. Not much was done, changed all the cabling, new v-brakes and pads, new stem/bar, new acera RD, chain, wide range cassette & Turbo saddle + SKS mudguards. Frames great, has double butted tubes, cool GT badge at rear of TT, weighs a ton but has clearance for 35/40c tyres, rack and guard mounts. Overall very capable little bike. Gf was very pleased with it, has been commuting on for last 18 months. Think its running 32c marathons - not a single puncture in 2 years. :-)

    Been on the occasional ride, few tinkering bits - drivetrain/brakes etc

    Bought the Dave Marsh 653 that was on here and built it up for a friend who gave me this as payment / thanks. 56 square Bob Jackson Vigorelli (supposedly 531OS?), drilled front and back, odd straight blade fork, clearance for 32c front and rear & takes long drop brakes. It needed a clean up, seatpost was borderline rusted in. Stripped and degreased it, put a few coats of lacquer on to protect the damaged paint. Wanted to have a fixed bike for the eventual return of the fixie, keeping it cheap as it'll likely get ridden to the pub over summer ------ if we're allowed---.

    Managed to find everything at a good price, coincided with spring cleaning i guess? Only bought a Sugino 75 crankset & BB, wheelset (Formula laced to open pro CD) & the Thomson X2. Had the chain/pedals/cages in the spares box, along with the Thomson Downhill alloy bars/grips/brake lever. Will likely just borrow a seatpost/seat from another bike - perks of all my bikes having the same seatpost diameter. Just looking for a long drop calliper to finish it.

    Finally, the Surly 1x1 (M), which I found online, went & picked it up the same day. Completely didn't need it but it has always been one of those frames that I've wanted. Originally designed for 26" but can take 27.5 and 29er, up to 2.4", both V-Brake & Disc. Currently built with Surly Mr Whirly Crank & 32T chainring, Salsa stem & Surly/Nitto Torsion(1x1 branded) bar, Salsa post and Deore m6000 hydros I had spare. Torn between running this a singlespeed or 1x10, either way want to put some knobbies on it and go thrash it around.

    Any way to get rid of the ugly Hope logos other than painting over them?

  • Bob jackson is cool, clearance for 32s is a nice perk on an old track/SS frame eh.

    Any way to get rid of the ugly Hope logos other than painting over them?


  • That Bob Jackson is really cool with that fork, sort of an early Big Block. Is the HT 1 1/8" or have you shimmed the stem?

  • Big fan of the pink bob

  • Nice stable

  • ah, that's my wife's old bob jackson, and mine before that. It's one of the two (?) Alleycat frames they ever made.

    This is what it looked like originally, the someone tried to steal it and bent the downtube so we sent it back to Bob Jackson for a repair and respray, hence it being pink

    *THE ALL NEW ALLEY CAT Frame & Fork.

    Built from Reynolds 631 Oversize Tubing, 34.9mm Down tube, 28.6 Top Tube, 1 1/8" "A" Head, Oval Chainstays & 19mm Seatstays.Instead of 28.6 Down, 25.4 Top, 1" Head, Round-Oval-Round Chainstays & 16mm Seatstays(Std size tubing),

    This Frameset has been built with bigger and stronger Diameter Tubing for the riders who likes to do trick riding,Built with Straight Bladed Fork To Allow Bar Spins Without the wheel Hitting The Frame Or your Foot. THIS FRAME HAS NO TOE OVERLAP!!!!!!

    This frame comes as standard with front brake fitting for a 47-57 Allen Key brake & is also supply with a set of water bottle fittings.

  • I already liked that BJ a lot and now you're even telling me it barspins! Well jealous

  • just to be clear, that blurb is from Bob Jackson, not me!

  • Yes I got that haha. How did the frame handle? The geo seems a bit odd with almost no fork rake.

  • perfect, never noticed it. I don't think it's zero rake, just minimal and straight blades

  • Fantastic! Thanks for the info, did yours have bottle cages mounts? As this is bare :-(
    Would’ve loved for the day I turn it into big tyre SS

    Ride seems quite harsh on the straight blade forks 🤣 maybe I’m not used to track bike skinny tyres stuff

  • Little Armstrong Project in the works ツ

    Used to own one of these (in the dark grey 1 1/8th model), loved it, sold it, saw this team blue 1” ahead from 1999 & wanted to revisit.
    Plan is full 7700 a la Lance, minus the shifters as I hate the cable exit on 77/7800.

    Proper TdF spec would’ve been 7410 headset & Cinelli 101 quill. Don’t want to cut the original fork so will run ahead although stem choice is limited unless I run a shim.

    Decided on ITM eclypse ahead + Nitto M106NAS, kind of tempted to find loud USA flag bar tape.

  • Cool frame. I have posted same frame asking for ideas as to whether to go for full period correct rebuold or a neo retro ride. Put a bling stem and bars on it so probably going to go for neo. Not sure yet tho

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  • Sick. And those wicked 7700 TT chain rings. Schwiiiiing.

    Done the same thing a little while back, but went down the thread cutting and 101 stem route.

    Whatever way you go, it's gonna be a sick bike when you're finished.


  • Plan is full 7700 a la Lance, minus the shifters as I hate the cable exit on 77/7800.

    Full Lance would be a downtube front shifter:

  • I mean that actual frame was mine / my wife's. And it's the same frame as that cream one - we had it resprayed. I think they only ever made one or two as I've never seen another

  • Amazing! I think my friend got it off here years ago, and after pestering him / him moving to the top of a hill he finally wanted to get rid of it.

  • Full Lance

    Never go full Lance. You don't buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, "I Am Sam." Remember? Went full Lance, went home empty-handed.

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All the bikes - 2x Serotta, 3 x Surly (LHT, Pacer, 1x1), Colossi CX, Pompino V3, Bob Jackson Vigorelli

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