• CBA to have separate threads for bikes so I'll just start a new one [with the new things] and the old. Tokyo Fixed was bought couple years back as complete build and has stayed fairly untouched, wheels/tyres changed occasionally and recently flat bar instead of drops + took the brake off. decided to attempt to smarten up the brake surface & clean and regrease most bits of the daily beater



    if anyones curious:
    Tokyo Fixed S2 57cm
    Magic Ellipse + Token 15T
    FSA Gimondi 48T
    Michelin Dynamic Classicz 25c
    Izumi chain
    Bullshit NoName Seatpost & stem from Kinoko//Tokyo Fixed + Turbo
    Unbranded flat bar with sweepback + ANML Edwin grips

    AND onto the new guy, thought a couple of you might have spied this on the bay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    c-t-c 52
    c-t-t 53.5
    c-t-c 54.5

    Frames is in mint condition, not a mark on it bar where the nuts have been overtorqued on dropouts.
    BB stamped with date code NA5460 which dates from 1998.
    531 designer select tubing
    Omas "Big sliding" headset (campy super record substitute)
    Unknown BB at this time [will strip and regrease before crankset is put on]
    clearances seem large-ish atleast in comparison to some of the others I've seen on here; front 23 max, rear possibly 28 [have a 25 on it tucked into the dropout]

  • Well done - You got the triple triangle, I was one of the other bidders
    Dibs if you sell it at any time :)

  • Triple Neil is hawt

  • Yasss well done on getting it! What are you thinking buildwise?

  • That Neil looks lovely. Paint seems to be in excellent condition?

  • @SideshowBob you're 1st on the list
    @haveo Atm it'll just be built with spares & bits from other bike so I can ride it before summers out
    @Tijs fresh off the forecourt!

    Here is the small progress made:
    spare wheelset which I built a few years ago only to have lying around
    Campy high flange onto Alesa 913
    36H, rear hub from early 1960s so 110mm spaced, front converted from road hence grease port
    25c on the front are a no-no

    3ttt Chromix corsa + no name alloy flat bar & edwin grips (lent from other bike)

    thomson elite + Selle Condor light Ti rails (195g!)

    tempted to put some ergo drops on but that might be too sensible.

    will try source shallow risers, possible gumwalls + a crankset (help anyone?) so I can get rolling

  • I was bidding on that frame too! Thought somebody on here probably got it. So sick.

    Bought a GT Edge road frame the same day, for the Triple triangle FOMO.

  • yes mate that orrell is niiiiceeee! did know you were on here!

  • The Neil is banging! Love the head tube decal 👍🏻

  • Looks a lot like @Skülly sunmer whip, which is gorgeous..

  • Not as blingy as that^ though! Flam paint and a little chrome on there...

  • 531 decal is in a funny place though, Neil puts them on the DT near the BB shell #Ianal

  • Oh really? Mine is at the top like this one

  • Looks wierd from the side near the rear-facing seattube badge.

  • You are right actually, I've never noticed that. One reason mine might be up there though is because I have a couple of Manchester velodrome stickers on mine at the bottom

  • Took a while to get finished as I moved my concentration on to finishing the Lance EPO machine so could i go smash some KOMs!



  • That's lovely! Gumwalls on it look great!

  • They both look great.
    Orrell - What size/make are the tyres ?

  • Thanks!
    @SideshowBob they're BLB black mamba's, could only fit a 23 wudda liked a 25

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LPU - Neil Orrell Triple Triangle + the beaterdoitall

Posted by Avatar for packet @packet