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  • Can I play ?
    Proprietaries bottle holders cost like 25£.
    Said fuck capitalism and went to my parts drawer.
    2 innertube nuts as spacers, et voilà !

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  • fuck capitalism

    Yeah I'd be saying that too if I bought a Yoyo.
    Good hack

  • Is that a pram??

  • Can't we joke just a bit ? Please think about the children.

    @.mo. yup, 1% pram

  • I was joking, that pram is a forum fav, big up the 1% etc

  • No offense taken ;)
    Kinda great for a small flat,nothing more. My daughter is 61cms tall/3months old and we struggle to get her in and out. And kinda cheap if you ask me, BLB like 😀


  • Thats quite the school run!

  • Innertube nuts.

    +1 fuck capitalism, BTW

  • Replace broken plastic buckles with D rings to avoid having to re-stitch to fit new buckles/having to buy special repair buckles.

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  • Wasn't keen to pay 150-200 for safety bars on the back of our Kona Ute (like Tern's "monkey bars"), so I opted for a hack from 2 cheap BMX risers and 2 curtain rails.
    I cut kerfs in the steel bars at the point I wanted them to bend and then inserted the 25mm curtain rails (ID was only slightly larger than the BMX bar OD). Then attached the bars to the Ute's rack with some Spinaci extenders in the back (not the bars you grip, but the part that attaches them to the drops). In the front it's attached with the U-bolt set from a trail-gator we're no longer using.
    Planning to add some other safety/comfort bits and another secure attachment point in the front, but it has done a successful trial run around the corner. Next up will be a cushion and seat back for the last person in the back (currently using the yepp Maxi with 2-yo as the rear backstop but not that happy with how it attaches to the deck).
    Total spend: £18.11 + parts bin
    Total time: 1-2 hours
    Total hackiness: 8/10

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  • Hacking a safety feature for my kids wouldn't be my idea of fun but each to their own I guess.

  • Wonderful.

  • I think I'd want something to put feet on or keep them away from the wheel.

  • Yeah folding runner boards for mount/dismount + foot protection from the wheel is also on the list of forthcoming upgrades. Without the yepp Maxi though, they can just put their feet in the massive side panniers.

  • Not really anything but saving a trip to the e-store, but I needed a bit of grip on my glasses and didn’t have anything made for the purpose, but I did have cable doughnuts.

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  • .

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  • New level of DBAD

  • But alleging your parenting superiority is...?

  • Gobsmacked at the optimism

  • Context: based on a satirical illustration by Bikepubes.

  • I have no kids, but I do have a pretty good knowledge of materials, bicycle construction and in particular how they fail.

  • It’s forecast to piss it down tomorrow so I’ve put the guards back on, but the rear flap was toast. So in true Blue Peter fashion I whipped up a new one.
    Enter one empty flash floor cleaner and a pair of scissors. Rough, but it’ll do the job for now.

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  • https://www.lfgss.com/comments/16574877/­

    3 months in and the sugru is still looking alright

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  • Something I found online... Pretty cool

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Hacks / Bodges

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