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  • This is great/awful! Also what tyres are those?

    Cantis are indeed shit, but v brakes just look like someone was sick on a bike and it just happened to make that bike stop better.

  • Having next to no experience with cantis or u-brakes can you set cantilever brakes the same way like this?

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  • Not a clue on the tyres sorry.
    There’s nothing wrong we canti’s, once you’ve got them set up properly. Sure there are better brakes, but if you accept that you need to pull them hard to stop and the first 3/4 of the pull only sort of slows you down they are fine.

  • You could, but the angle between the straddle cable and a line through the cable mount point and pivot point should be as close to 90deg as possible, putting the bridge infront of the seattube like that would make it a considerably more obtuse angle.

  • Yeah it would be a pretty acute angle as the seat tube is further away on my frame.

  • Tyres look like some variation of the FMB SSC slalom tubulars

  • Ah, cheers! Love that tread pattern

  • There’s nothing wrong we canti’s

    Get to fuck.

  • I’ve safely stopped with cantis dozens of times.

  • Not stopped being a cunt though.

  • Rightchu are, rightchu are

  • Adding to the Wald bodges - I couldn’t mount one of the front racks due to my brakes being on the rear of the fork, and couldn’t face the wald handlebar mounts.

    My set up is a couple of rack struts (from triton cycles) some p-clips (idea from the nitto / blb rack) and some homemade brackets made from sheet metal (you could use some steel fixing plates or could buy aluminium cut to the right size off eBay). Total cost for the bits, excluding the angle grinder was under £20.

    I’m really pleased how elegant it turned out and it’s surprisingly strong; I’ve had 5kg in there and no movement. My friend said it was my ‘magnum opus bodge’, which is the highest accolade I’ve ever received.

    Also, lomo do a great waterproof rack bag which fits almost perfectly for under £40.

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  • I can't use a binder bolt hung cable stop as the angle is way off that of the seat stays.

    A wild Ed appears:

  • Oh! Is that yours? If so, how is it?

  • @edscoble ‘s. Well, he’s selling it.

  • Ok I’m nearly done with this. I found a cable stop in my bits box and it presented another approach. If I fit this to the seat tube, I can have the cable coming straight out of it and to the straddle. The only thing is that the cable inner would come out of the stop at an angle that would presumably make it rub.

    I’m assuming this would eventually fray the cable and ultimately cause fiery death, right?

    (Photos are obvs purely mock ups. Cable wouldn’t go straight from stop to canti arm - I just wanted to show the angle)

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  • You need a roller that's held between the rack braze ons.

  • Or I did wonder if I could put a v brake noodle in there to guide the cable round?

    Don’t have one to hand but I could drill the smaller hole out enough so the inner end of the noodle can fit through, then the outer end could sit inside the stop (may have to drill that side out a little too)

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  • maybe a flexible v brake noodle would be better

  • maybe a flexible v brake noodle would be better

  • This all seems like an incredible amount of faff to avoid a component that you won't even see once you're riding.

  • What thread is it that you think you’re in? :-D

    Also, I’m feeing massively triggered now.

  • You deserve it you canticunt.

  • canticunt


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Hacks / Bodges

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