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  • I dunno, it's not load bearing or anything, just helps position the wheel right? Those dropouts need a silly adapter for the QR anyway so it wouldn't be just the axle in contact with that nut

  • And to think that @hma had me 3D print a nice little spacer that fits in there...

  • what's that Supernova thing hanging of the back?

  • Rear dynamo light

  • Should you find yourself touring with a campag race chainset on an old 10speed bike I’ve found the low 3 cog cluster from an 11 speed 11-32 cassette work fine with a medium cage 10 speed derailleur and the other 7 cogs in a custom cassette. Gives the same ratio as a compact 34:29 so I will be taking it to Andalusia later this year.

  • .

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  • Nope nope nope. And with ‘suspension’ so that vise-grip seatpost clamp is getting wangled about throughout the ride. Shocking.

  • One of the first bikes that I “built” as a kid was taking an adult-sized 3 speed and outfitting it with ape hangers, a banana seat and 20” wheels subbed in for the proper bits. I had no idea about torque and so the bike was full of rounded bolts and nuts which required me to always carry a visegrip, clamped in the same position as above. It regularly flew off.

  • Low grade, but used an old door stop and hope bar end plug to create a might mount for the fork.

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  • might mount

    Every bike needs potential

  • Nice job, I used an empty wooden cotton reel on Liz’s old shopper. Yours looks much better.

  • Old bit's just tripping me up. Not now!!!
    Old Mtb and 700c wheels and a brake bodge, ordered the adaptors which look super dodgy for a start. Arrived and figured out I need removable bosses which of course I haven't.

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  • Scrambled around for a bodge and settled on two 7mm sockets drilled them out and all fitted, they feel solid but may just stick 26inch wheels on and live another day.

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  • Brake pads do fit but still sit high on the brake so dunno, using a long reach road caliper for the front so half gonna fail.

  • I might just be missing something, but whats stopping those adaptors from buckling outwards when braking hard? Besides the friction imposed by the spacer&bolt clamping down on it? I just remember back in the day better V brakes would push apart the seatstays of lighter AL frames'.

  • They generally have pins that go in the three holes that'd normally take the brake arm spring.

  • Couple of hacks.

    I recently bought a Yuba Mundo electric assist long tail. Three things that I did to it after the first week were:

    Firstly, the rails on the back had no padding or grip. I’ve seen people use pool noodles or bar tape, but I didn’t want anything too garish on there. I bought pipe insulation from the local hardware store which slides over the rails on the back perfectly. Because they’re removable, I could just slide them off, trim the insulation down and put them back on. I cut one lengthwise and attached to with zip ties but this works so much better. (Excuse the mess)

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  • The bike didn’t have any water bottle mounts on it at all. I bought a Zefal Gizmo bottle cage mounts that attaches with zip ties and put a bottle cage on the basket. Because the basket is attached to the frame and doesn’t move when the bars are turned, it worked so well.

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  • And thirdly, the front mudguard was shorter than I liked. I bought a set of car mudguard flaps and cut out a flap for the front wheel. It seems to be going pretty great.

    The last photo was the bike pretty much stock.

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  • Update:

    Finally got round to getting the wald on my rockhopper using aforementioned bodge. I haven’t tried it out properly yet as I need to pop a new cassette on the bike first, but it feels fairly sturdy. Certainly for carrying the odd pastry/jacket/at the very most a small tent and camping stove. Feel like it’s a bit high though, and I’d need a different crown mounted plate thing to lower it.

    Top plate is a placeholder until I either cut off the bent bit, replace with something similar, or just buy a canti mounted rack.

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  • buy a canti mounted rack

    Yeah get the cheap one from sjs or bikester or whatever, works great for baskets.

  • Yeah that’s the one I had in mind

  • That makes sense, I couldnt make that out from these pics.

  • Yep, can confirm little prong that locates into the middle of the three holes. Might try a brake on today to see how they feel.

  • Nice work! Perhaps more suitable for kids drinks but have you spotted the bottle mounts on the ends of the kids bars?

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Hacks / Bodges

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