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  • Gripshift repurposed

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  • Wow.

    Your bike? If so, how's the braking force? And does it lock the brake, requiring the rider to release it?

  • Wish I'd taken a picture of a similar bodge I once did. It was a V brake on an old LHT. I ran 2 cables to the front brake caliper, one went to the brake lever, the other went to a friction shifter which used the same caliper as a parking/drag brake.

    Might have to do it again just for the sake of it. A dedicated bodge experiment bike hmm šŸ¤”

  • Make your own mixer tap (from Twitter)

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  • IĀ“m to much of a coward for this kind of hack. I got it of an LBS (Ettettsex) IG account. They cater to a lot of messengers and BMXers and other people of a more pioneering spirit. Nice store to visit if youĀ“re ever in Stockholm.

  • thats awesome, may have to try that

  • Can't be any worse for braking than its gear-shifting performance.

  • If so, how's the braking force? And does it lock the brake, requiring the rider to release it?

    Thereā€™s a bmxer thatā€™s been experimenting with using modded grip shifter to pull brakes and heā€™s doing stuff that requires a properly locked brake so must be alright.

  • Have you used decent grip shift? Rather than the type found on sub Ā£200 MTBs. It was a great product imo.

  • Yes. I'm also mentally scarred from having to work on the early editions during my time as a mechanic. Never again.

  • decent grip shift


  • Installing vintage Suntour shifters, I over tightened the bolt and snapped the collar. Managed to remake one with a plumbing collar... I wasn't optimistic it would work, but it did in the end!

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  • .

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  • Thereā€™s some good thinking inside the big box store, well done.

  • Nice.

    Smashed my fingernail a few weeks ago, it started coming off, about 70% of it detached. Tickled it with the Dremel and picked all the dried blood out, then applied a layer of super glue, dusted it with bicarb, repeated that a couple of times, then sanded it.

    Bingo. It worked

  • Bio bodge. Nice

  • Then there's this:

    But for some reason it's not carbonating for shit, even over 100psi...

  • Funny, I was just looking at a unit like that filled with Argon for gassing unfinished wine bottles. The best brand I've found for the purpose is Private Preserve, but they've recently spiked in price.

  • I got numb toes on a longer tour, did some research and found an article by an ultra runner who cuts the toe box of his shoes to allow toe-splay. I followed his tutorial, did the surgery on my spd shoes and I couldnā€™t be happier with the result.

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  • contgratualtions on your new SPD sandles

  • Almost - the shimano sandels donā€™t come with a BOA system afaik.

  • Nice shoendles.

  • Bit of gaffer tape to make them waterproof again, Bob's yer uncle.

  • I wonā€˜t tape them up cause I like the extra ventilation but I read on alee denhamā€˜s page that heā€˜s using over shoes over sandals in cold conditions which sounds like a good idea to me.

    So far I havenā€˜t really had many problems with debris, water or cold. When sand gets in, it gets out again just as easily. And woolen socks kept the temperature enjoyable even in temperatures around 0 degree celsius.

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Hacks / Bodges

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