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  • Not my idea, but I came across this nice little upgrade to the oldest bodge in the book, and had to try it myself. Re-used the buckles from the waist straps on an old camping rucksack:

  • Inner tube plus rucksack buckle! Amazing hack. I must try it. Gonna scour the house for old rucksacks.

  • anti-bodge but with bodge aesthetics. love it.

  • Also what front rack is that?

  • ?stainless pelago commuter?

  • Cheers! The rack is a BLB T-rack which is more or less a cheaper copy of the pelago commuter

  • Took me a while 0n Sunday to realise why my rear mech wasn't shifting correctly until I spotted that the issue was literally under my nose.

    Never had this happen before in 25 years of riding. Fortunately my eldest boy was carrying some zip ties and we bodged this fix which got me through the next 3 hours riding until the cable outer split further and we ran out of zip ties. Fortunately I was at the top of the hill so rode back to the car parked at the bottom.

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  • That's why electrical tape is an essential in your tool bag.

  • yeah we thought that would work but none of us had any

  • Had a customer bring in a bike with a beautifully shrink wrapped and then zip tied outer gear cable, honestly took me a few minutes to notice what they had done. Shifted perfectly, but as soon as you snipped the two zip ties it started bursting out
    But yes, they had literally replaced the inner, within a fully split open outer, after the fact, and patched it with shrink wrap and zip ties. Guess they didn't have any outer!

  • Oh stealing that, never thought of it, often used two zip ties to achieve similar but a washer looks better for sure.

  • An evolution of hacks/bodge here. I bought a voilee rack strap to attach the laptop to my specialized pizza rack for the commute only to find out that the rack strap fits 10mm tubing and the pizza rack is 13mm.
    First up was 3 cable ties per side for the strap to fit.
    That was upgraded to two jubilee clips and a brass olive hammered into an oval.
    Third and maybe final version is some aluminium rod attached with a combo of 13mm and 10mm pclips, in a sort of mad Max, side impact protection, attachment type thing.
    Here's the first two versions

  • Cable ties and jubilee clips

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  • Rod and pclip version

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  • This is really great.

  • Cheers. Hopefully I'll leave it alone now. Maybe one more coat of the wife's posh matte black nail varnish on the clips when she's not at home

  • Where are you lot getting the voile rack straps from?

  • On reflection, I should have removed the chain before dremeling a hole in my mudguard.
    Super untidy job but now it doesn't rub when in in biggest sprocket, so happy with it!

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  • Looks more like you hired a rodent for the job.

  • Nice one - couldn’t see them last time I checked

  • Mine came from bike monger

    They accidentally sent a normal one first time, if you can leave a note on the order it may be worth mentioning "for rack mount"

  • That doesn't look right, but I don't know enough about breaking in leather saddles to dispute it.

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Hacks / Bodges

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