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  • Coming to the realization I'm too much of a tramp to spend £250 on a proper wheel truing stand, I bodged this from a rather hefty clamp stand & pile of old bits that I found tucked away in the corner of an old lab

    There's some other bits including adjustable sliding clamps still to be incorporated, this was just to see if it would work, which it does with absolutely no finesse - the rod that holds the wheel is the weak point, will get a thicker diameter bar & get it machined down where the wheel sits to improve stability but other than that, stable AF - weighs a ton

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  • Excellent! Scrolled down expecting to see offcuts of aluminium extrusion construction kit stuff and mismatched t-slot nuts and 90° brackets!

  • Haha, cheers - the bodging will continue, I found another stand with a slimmer base that might sit under this with the upright in the slot, if so I could clamp in the lower bar at both sides & attach the guides to that in a fixed position, the top bar holding the wheel could be fixed at both sides too - takes seconds to remove

  • I've got a hack in mind that I want to do, it's not bike related. I'm trying to find a way to hang my guitars without drilling into my walls, which seem to be made of crumbly cheese. We have picture rails and so I'd like to make something like this.

    In terms of the metal bracket, what sort of terms should I be searching for?

  • Wouldn't the picture rails be attached to same said cheese? I would be worried about them coming off and the guitar(s) coming down too.

  • Good point, but it seems they've been in place for decades and have had heavy mirrors hung off them. They were probably fitted by someone who knows what they were doing.
    The walls probably aren't as bad as I make out - I'm also rubbish with a drill and end up messing up things like this...

  • As the racktime front rack is pretty narrow, i support the luggage with my aerobars On top

    major hack

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  • How deep is the lip (horizontally)? How tall?
    Maybe start with brick hanger/brick clip? You could then attach something to that to support the neck.

  • Thanks for the inspiration, I think I'll find a cheap over-the-door set of coat hooks with a wooden base to which I can fit a couple of guitar-specific hangers to.

  • you could just use a dado / picture rail hook and a short length of chain or a bit of elastic or string with a loop at each end

  • Excellent bodge. If you ever find any more spare retort stands/clamps/what-have-you I’d be interested to know. I made a lamp out of one once but some more parts would be fun to play with.

    I had to remove some stubborn ferrules from a guitar headstock today. Headset spacers, top cap, a long bolt and a nut made a decent removal tool.

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  • Mudguard bodgery

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  • That looks almost too good for a bodge - someone's probably selling an identical tool for £50, probably nae carbon in it either!

    All these random bits are in Glasgow i'm afraid - i'm sure i've seen a stand with two uprights somewhere & it's driving me mad, would be an amazing bodge if I got my hands on that...

    @psg1ben i'd try and get something between the clamp / stays and the frame in case they start eating into the frame - on the stays a rubber coated p-clip is an ideal bodge for mudguards even if it's not in the true spirit of bodgery, which should be as slapdash as possible

  • hey, sure it works (but the gap is making me cry) : )

    what’s the jubilee clip on the seat tube for?

  • super bodge

  • Whats going on with that axle bolt? It looks really weird

  • I'll start by saying this is my lock up and forget rat bike. It has a crack in the frame thanks to Bristol Dropouts (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) so I'm not too fussed about preserving the frame, though I might still fit something soft under the stays if this becomes more permanent.
    Saying that though, the idea is that it's an ejecto guard that I can remove with just a lighter or a bit of tugging rather than needing tools. I'd usually not have one at all but I'm off to some indoor exercise/training after work and want to keep some of the road grime off my legs, it may well get ditched after that 🤷🏾♀️

  • Just a couple of these little plastic covers that you sometimes get on boxed bike wheels

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  • A nice little crack unfortunately

  • Sorry to hear about the crack, fixing it with a jubilee clip is a proper structural bodge though & mudguards that can be completely removed with a lighter is a novel concept, top work

  • fixing it with a jubilee clip is a proper structural bodge

    It's also supported by the Thomson Internally. I know neither will prevent the inevitable snap, I'm just hoping to stay alive when it does happen.
    It's done a few 200+ mile journeys since and I've only been brave enough to have a look under there once.
    Just tryna get my money's worth out of it since the crooks that damaged it were no help.

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Hacks / Bodges

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