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  • I did that with an old pair of SPD shoes and an old pair of trainers. Surprisingly easy

  • I think we can close this thread now

  • This feels like a bit of a hack. I’m kind of semi-fussy about coffee (within reasonably sensible parameters) and getting the water at more or less the right temperature is something that does make a difference. I’ve got a kettle that does it for me at home, but for camping I whacked this little sticker on my mug. Now I can just chuck the water into it and wait till it’s the right temperature rather that guessing. I did consider putting the sticker on the thing I actually boil the water in, but I figured it’s going to get burnt off.

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  • I think that is the one of the most lateral thoughts I have seen in a while, I love it, good job.

  • Looks horisontal to me

  • Pardon my stupidity, how does it work?

  • Magnets.

  • It involves a bit of juggling: I boil water in the little pot my stove lives in, then I pour the water in to the mug, wait till the coloured indicator is at 85, then pour it back in to the pot, whack the aero press/pour over cone on my mug and then pour. The main thing is that I have something that can tell me what water temp is when I’m camping.

    Edit: did you mean literally how does the thermometer work? Yeah magnets. Or midichlorians.

  • Where did you get it from?

    Google is trying to sell me ones for your forehead.

  • I’m ashamed to say I got it from amazon.

    Milk Frothing Barista Thermometer - Make perfect froth for your Cappuccino and Coffee https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0095VON3U/r­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_mdgeFbX9T68DJ

  • Updated my saddlebag support from an old pannier mount to an old mudguard stay. Seems to support the bag a bit better, without being so rigid.

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  • Tidy!

  • Not sure if this counts as a hack. I use a Hamax child seat on this bike and the mounting point lives on it.

    I spotted a dumped Hamax seat in the woods. Binned the broken seat part and kept the frame bit to use as a handy removable rack. It works well.

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  • Smart. Also, cleaning up after twats who dump broken shit in the woods.

  • Yeah I got this double worthy feeling: reusing something broken and cleaning up some shit in the woods.

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Hacks / Bodges

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