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  • Goes without saying that I didn't do this, it came in for a puncture. I reckon it was stolen with a hacksaw...

  • dayum! what did you say to the customer?

  • 9-speed clutch setup on a 2001 Kona Lava Dome with disc brakes.
    SRAM X-9 9-speed trigger paired with a Shimano SLX Shadow+ 10-speed dérailleur.
    @Hulsroy brazed and welded on the brackets and guides for discs.

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  • The latest in a long line of pre-cursa mudguard bodges:

    The material between the two holes I'd 'drilled' in the guard for the seatstay bridge cable-tie had snapped, so I've glued another cable tie there to reinforce the guard for the bridge cable-tie.

  • The shimano/sram ghetto 9-speed clutch mech work really well when I had it on my 456.

  • my Dolan mudguard set-up.. just drilled the brake bridge and tapped the existing holes in the dropouts

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  • Was given a crash damaged frame recently and paid for some of the parts that were on it, amongst which was a King headset minus its top bearing cover etc. The fork had the tell tale groove so it was an older, scuff washer style one which I’ve never liked anyway.

    Thought about buying the actual King parts (which do away with the scuff washer now that the patent on the preload wedge has run out) for around £30 but then remembered I have a £6 Ebay king copy. The preload wedge was too high but 5minutes filing/sanding it down and I’ve got an up to date King headset with added stealth as the new top cover doesn’t have any text on it.

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  • Nice bike. I didn't need to tap the dropout holes, they're threaded on mine. How's yours fitted at the chainstays?

  • I was using a tie wrap, but had to take it off to take the rear wheel out when I had a puncture... So now it just stays there (most of the time)

  • woah

  • Ok, WTF? Are they there to sort out the hub/fork spacing mismatch?

  • If so, it's kinda genius.

  • Such a sleeper of a frame.

  • Im thinking is more of a faux truss fork

  • My Hero+ LCD has been broken practically from new. Such a stupid brittle mounting plastic, and a non-removable case.

    After a couple years finally dug it out to use on the motorcycle helmet, so time for a fix.

    Grabbed a tube of Quiksteel Plastic. Took 4 attempts and a shitload of careful filing, but works fine.

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  • Good one, so that stuff is the same/better strength of the replaced bit?

  • That’s the blurb on the packet, yea.

    It sets rock solid. I’m not sure what is the internet-recommended brand, but my local indie motor store had this stuff in ‘metal’ or ‘plastic’, or Araldite epoxy. Otherwise I was going to look for JB Weld.

    It’s brittle, but it seems as good as the original missing area of brittle plastic.

  • Thanks, keep us apprised.

  • what is that called?

  • .

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  • Fairly alarming hack stolen from instagram.

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  • Puncture waiting to happen.

  • Front tyre or thorax

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Hacks / Bodges

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