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  • Road only, but I just discovered that some smartass glued the tub with tape only on one half of it. It basically fell off from the rim when flat, so.. good for me that I haven't dieded on some sharp turn before I've got the flat.

  • Bastard rounded off bolt that just disintegrated when I tried to cut a flathead into it. Drilled it with the hand drill down the middle and squeezed it together a bit then unscrewed it. Good job it wasn’t seized as well.

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  • I cleaned my Brompton a while back and spotted this 16^W15-tooth sprocket; a bit of light filing → bottle opener. It isn’t very comfortable, perhaps I should strategically round off some of the remaining teeth.

    Bike has done ~5,000km, but I reckon the cogs could be a bit more robust.

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  • Definitely needs moar work unless you're starting a gofundme, in which case you can use the diy aspect as a selling point.

  • Rear light bracket V1.0.

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  • Pinched off of fb

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  • Front looks like a death sentence sooner or later. Rear like a at least paint damage if no structural damage. Big no no.

  • Oosht. Don't think I'm quite there yet

  • Not entirely relevant but this just popped up on Twitter.

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  • That’ll be fine as long as speeds don’t exceed walking pace. I hope there’s some copydex under there.

  • Might have posted this elsewhere on the forum, but thought I'll contribute it to this thread.

    This came in to the bike shop a while ago.

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  • That'll be fine. Just don't brake on the bits with the tape.

  • Grips too grippy? Problem solved.

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  • maybe just protecting their Portuguese cork or Brooks grips...

  • i dont understand you human

  • I'd like to point out that this isn't my bike, spotted it locked up.

  • I’ve got a outer bearing race stuck in a hub that this might work with, cheers!

  • Anyone got a rivnut tool? I need to perpetrate a bodge...

  • Noted. Handy. Ta.

  • Couldn't find the proprietary tool to adjust sturmey archer drum brake hub (I did look online, and asked around, unsuccessfully) so I bought a crappy £1 adjustable spanner and cut/filed it to suit purpose... Now someone is going to point me to the correct SA tool I bet...

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  • Who cares if they do? You’ve got an adjustable tool that might be useful for similar nuts of different sizes and it cost you a quid :-)

  • Rivnuts done. Got the hang of how to bodge them by fourth one. Could do a beater job now, but that’s how it always goes isn’t it?

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Hacks / Bodges

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