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  • It’s all stagnant around here :(

  • Ok, I've reassessed and decided you're addicted!
    Kudos for planning ahead though, reminds me of my grandpa who used to hide bottles of 'medicine' around the house in case of emergencies.

  • *Stalks strava*

  • Stalks strava
    Come visit the land of the septics and I’ll show you where the beer is hidden :)

  • Bit off topic but which handlebars are you using? Looks perfect.

  • Yeah and a bit more info on your decaleur hack and what's that tube attached to the stem? Lots going on around your cockpit!

  • It looks like sram shifter clamps to me.

  • Bit off topic but which handlebars are you using? Looks perfect.

    SimWorks Ti Get Around bars, made by Seven. https://sim.works/collections/simworks-o­riginal/products/ti-getaround-bar
    They also make a steel version.

  • Yeah and a bit more info on your decaleur hack and what's that tube attached to the stem? Lots going on around your cockpit!

    Russmeyer is correct In that they are sram shifter clamps. I drilled out the threaded section and ran some long Allen bolts thru some tubular spacers and into some Tubus rack hardware. The crossbar is wrapped in bar tape to give the Ortleib pannier hardware on my Swift bag a little more purchase.

    The tube attached to my stem is a tiny speaker.

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  • Some random shots of my SimWorks Potluck rack, it’s still a WIP

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  • And for good measure my wife’s decaleur:

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  • Pre-bodging question:

    • 25.4 Ahead 4-bolt stem
    • 26.0 bars
      To mix or not to mix? I've had this setup on a 2-bolt stem before, didn't seem to cause any issues, but since then I value my teeth (and life in general) a tad more.
  • is that part of a Facom hacksaw??

  • It is a Facom tool of some sort! May I take this opportunity to recommend the 440 model for track nut removal (it's much better than anything else I've tried):

  • Once upon a time, there was a bodger, it was me.
    My gear were all over the place, despite gratuitous fettling. Mech hanger looked straight, but ordered a new one anyway. Normally, I pop to my buddy’s bike shop to check alignment, as he has all the Park tools, but he shut up shop a couple of months back. I thought
    ‘how hard can it be to bodge a hanger alignment gubbins?’
    An old bike roof holder donated half it’s box section and an older axle fitted the derailleur thread spot on.

    According to the P.A.T -1 (particularly average tool) it was way out....testing shortly.

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  • This tool (DAG-1) was my favourite and perhaps most used, after AWS-10. Customers used to think it was magic.

    I liked it so much I bought one when I stopped working in bike shops. Gets used a couple of times a year. Still worth it though.

    Great bodging. I collected enough bits to weld my own once. Then lost them all as I never got round to it.

  • I need to compare it to a real one, to see if it is accurate.... I think it is!

  • Deathtrap found on Reddit

  • Dunno bro, if they clamped it tight enough it would probably last a while. Those pipe clamps are surprisingly resilient.

  • Its more that the fork tube isn't designed to take those braking forces concentrated at one point, I think. Also looking at it, likely hasn't got a flat surface for the DB adapter, concentrating the forces even more

  • So a non-instant-deathtrap?
    Retarded deathtrap?

  • What would be the rationale behind that? Surely you’ll get better braking from well set up rim brakes than a disc brake that’s been cable-tied and gaffer taped on?

  • rationale

    Good one!

  • Ha. Rationale - from the latin 'rationalis' meaning 'endowed with reason'. Yeah, that was not the correct word to use, was it? :-)

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Hacks / Bodges

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