Frame/ Seatpost crack welding help?

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  • Hi everyone, I need some advice. I have a crack on this Fuji Track frame. It's a small crack close to the seatpost collar. I've been told that it's alright as long as I weld it.

    Anywhere know where I can get it welded in London? I know there are frame builders around but I'm not sure which one I should go to do it as cheaply as possible (I used the search feature to no avail) it's pretty urgent. Pic attached -Gnarly thumb included for size reference.

    Any help appreciated. Cheers!

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  • whereabouts in London roughly r u?

  • personally, I'd just drill a hole to stop the crack and leave it. maybe even a jewbilee clip around it if im feeling fancy!

  • I'm SE but can go pretty much anywhere really.

  • Was pondering that, but I don't really have a small enough drill bit to not fuck it up. Jubilee clip won't really fit around where the crack it cos the top tube would be in the way on the other side.

  • In SE I guess Mario/Winston Vaz, can't remember which one is the builder/painter.
    I've used BikeFix in Bloomsbury, they're quite good.

    There's a couple of framebuilders on the forum as well, I spoke to @jimjamosullivan recently who might be able to advise and/or repair.

    good luck

  • Winston^

  • Just my laymen's opinion but I think as long as your seat post is long enough to reach beyond the crack and well below the join of your top tube and seat tube then you'll be fine riding the bike as it is, just keep an eye on it to see it the crack lengthens. It looks like the damage was caused by a previous owner using too narrow a post then over-tightening to compensate. Good luck getting it sorted.

  • Seabass in peckham

  • Go to a tig weldor as opposed to someone that does bike frames.

    It's not bike specific. There are lots of weldors around. One will be cheaper than the other. Etc. Etc.

  • @TheShipwright @Skülly @GreatSince78 @Trunkie @Dogtemple Thanks everyone, much appreciated. Cheers.

  • ^^That's good advice. As those Fuji's are not really 'collectable' you may as well keep it cheap.

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Frame/ Seatpost crack welding help?

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