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  • I think 60mm would be good. Looking forward to seeing this.

  • If anyone is looking for a Wolverine 3.0 in black 58cm then check this out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164737170687

    If you’re interested then fire me a message.

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  • Some great builds & info in here.

    Can anyone report back on swapping in a carbon fork - Ritchey Gravel (20mm shorter than stock), Ritchey Adventure (10mm) or Genesis CGR1 (approx same)? I’m looking for something a bit lighter & a more spirited feel for faster gravel riding. Thanks!

  • I looked, but $$$

  • Here is mine. I got the frame 3 years ago with a cracked chainstay and the bottom bracket cut in half for warranty reasons. Welded it back together and it is still going strong. Next step is dynamo lighting.

  • That's incredible. Wee need some close up shots. Did you weld the cracked bit as well?

  • Latest state of affairs, with Rival cable road levers and Avid BB7s, after the Apex1 hydro was a write off due to a stripped banjo bolt thread in the plastic lever body.

    I also found a bit of bubbled up paint with rust underneath near the breakaway seat stay, which I sanded off and rattle-canned over.

    Also managed to somehow mangle my 700c stans rear wheel, so back to the 650b's.
    Just waiting on some more grippy tyres now, because Byways suck!

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  • Pascalo - how different does the Wolverine feel with 650b vs 700c? Any pros/cons to report, or is the main difference just the wider tyres you can use with 650b?

  • With the Byways, as opposed to say a 40mm tyre on 700, I get a few more pedal strikes on rocks and roots and the likes, and it feels a bit more ... quick? ... in the handling, but overall marginal differences. I actually prefer the 700s, but I ain't buying new wheels for this any time soon.

    However, with 650 you can go silly wide, like 2.1s if you really want to. I didn't own an MTB previously, so that was my most off road rig like that, but now that I have an XC bike it's a role that I don't need filled anymore.

    This bike is the one I can munch mixed terrain miles on, think gravel fondo. Distance is covered a lot more easy than on MTB. Also is sturdy enough to throw on a roof rack and generally just abuse, i.e. when we take a trip somewhere outside Adelaide metro, where of course you also find a lot more fast roads you want to avoid and gravel bits in between, so it's become my goto bike for that sorta thing.

  • I've had the Ritchey Adventure on my mind for a year now but I was quite worried about the A-C, plus I'm running a Chris King headset which wasn't compatible until now: https://eu.ritcheylogic.com/eu_en/36-deg­ree-bearing-adapter-for-ritchey-wcs-carb­on-adventure-fork. This adapter adds 4.4mm to the fork making it ~397mm, which was the A-C of the original Wolverine QR disc fork, I will probably try that next autumn and will report here.

  • Hi twodl - yes I’d got to a similar place. Torn between the adventure fork and the cross/gravel one - not sure what 10mm less a-c but shifting rake from 50mm to 47mm will mean for handling. Just need Ritchey to get that 36deg adapter in stock in Europe.

  • Some pics of my Wolverine V1 overhauled last year for commuting duties and also the possibility of doing some touring with road sections. Transmission is Middleburn 44-32T double crankset matched to Shimano XT cassette 11-42 for a massive gearing range: good enough to get some decent average speed on the road and also to tackle any climb fully loaded. Shimano 105 11 speed shifters paired to Shimano XT rear derailleur using Jteck Shiftmate - so far working flawlessly.

    Soma Wolverine 1

    Soma Wolverine 4

    Soma Wolverine 3

  • Great photography of a solid setup

  • Nice setup. What front derailleur are you running?

  • Front derailleur is a Sram MTB X9 for 10 speed. Most FD have a relatively similar cable pull so they can be made to work reasonably well with different shifters. In this case there is some minor chain rubbing in the big ring - small cog position but not real concern as I hardly use that combination. I have also purchased a Shimano 105 FD that I haven't got around to install it yet: the main reason is not so much to get better shifting but to gain some extra space behind the seat tube so I can run a wider tyre.

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