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  • After some advice on sizing if anyone can help... on paper I should be going for 56 but they seem to be quite long in the top tube department with a reach that’s not far off my road bike (which is a 57). My old cross bike had a 555 top tube with about a reach of 385 which was perfect... should I be looking at the 54 high has a shorter top tube and a reach of 391? The Double Cross looks great as well but the distro hasn’t got my size in. Plus anyone using cable disk brakes over hydraulic?

  • How tall are you, what sort of riding are you looking to do, drop or flat bars?

    If it helps, I'm 6ft and ride a 56 frame. 100mm -17 deg stem (so basically horizontal), drop bars. All day comfort riding position, not too high not too low. And that's v2.0 frame. v4 seem to have shorter reach but higher stack...
    Also: https://bikeinsights.com/compare

  • I’m the same height as you and I’d be using drops. I’m looking for something a bit more upright I guess, hence the thought process in going for the 54 with the shorter top tube and reach... saying that, the reach between the 54 and 56 isn’t that different, so it might be worth looking into the Double Cross which is a more upright position.

  • Bit of an overhaul:

    • New calipers
    • New brake pads
    • New wheel bearing in rear wheel
    • New wheels manufacturing BB
    • New jockey wheels
    • New cable and housing
    • New cassette
    • New chain
    • New-ish hope front chainring
    • New bar tape
    • Rebuilt pedals
    • Cleaned up seat post and seat tube
    • Conti Terra Trails

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  • Looking mean

  • For what it's worth, I'm 6ft with a 86-87cm inseam and ride a 58cm V3.0 Wolverine. 90mm, -10° stem with 40mm of spacers. I was about to go for a 56, but LBS advised me to go for a 58 as it was intended more for touring than for racing. After two years of long days in the saddle it feels about the right choice. Also tried his 58 Double Cross at the moment, which helped to make my choice.

    Concerning brakes, I use cable-actuated hydraulic Yokozuna Motoko. They work great, nice modulation, plenty of stopping power, easy to maintain. I recently mounted Juin Tech R1 that are identical for half the price on another bike (you have to get Yokozuna Reaction housing separately though).

  • Interesting... I’ve been in touch with Soma and the distributors direct and they’ve both suggested a 54 as I’m going to using it for wood and forest trails etc, might be worth me getting to Seabass and seeing one in the flesh/trying one for size and then going from there.

    Yokozuna brakes are on the list... they look great and at a damn good price as well. Thinking carbon forks up front as well with a set of hunt 4 seasons

  • As ever, if anyone is selling a 54 blah blah blah, let me know please

  • Fitting 29er wheelset to a v3 Wolverine - is this possible/advised? (dependent on tyre size obvs)

    Checked Soma's website and still unsure, but I am a bit unsure about 29er wheels in general tbf

  • Well a 29er wheelset has them same diameter as 700c / 622 ETRTO wheels. When speaking of 29er it is referred to the approx. outer diameter including fat tires. The main difference is that most 29er wheelsets will have wider rims to support the wider tires.
    So yes put a 29er wheelset in your Wolverine, no problem but you are still limited to the tire clearance of the frame. Here you should keep in mind that tires can become slightly wider on wider rims.

  • Great stuff, thanks. Been reading up on this ETRTO system and it makes loads more sense. Looks like I can get a 29x1.95 without fender on as per Soma's FAQ section too.

    Looking at getting this and going down the Rohloff route...


  • You can fit that 29er wheelset but the supplied tyre 29x2.36" (60-622) is too wide for the Wolverine.

    From my experience it's possible to fit up to 29x2.00" (50-622) without having to move the inserts to the rear of the dropout which is not recommended by the manufacturer as putting too much stress on the dropout area. I have found that 29x2.00" provides enough mud-clearance (not so much if using front derailleur) and the insert is just in the middle position of the dropout.

    If you want to use a Rohloff hub I will also advise to get the Rohloff-specific left insert from Paragon Machine Works.

  • Cheers for this, big help.

    I had a look on the PMW website and there seemed to be a fair few Rohloff specific inserts, is there one in particular that should fit the Wolverine?

  • I think the insert is B4010 for this type of dropouts. Two different finishes black anodised or silver.


    However double check either with Soma or Paragon Machine Works before you buy. Perhaps try to see if you can source it directly from UK supplier like Ceeway.

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