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  • 650b wtb byways and a power2max ng eco with a hope ring ... Power Meter was originally meant to go on the Talbot bike but that looks like a pipe dream at the moment ... so I might as well put it to use.

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  • Possibly the only power metered Wolverine in existence?!?

  • It is a bit silly, I know ...

  • Wolverine owners - where did you buy your frameset from in the UK?

    Edit: It looks like only Seabass cycles sells them at the moment, and it's £850 with a fork that's not colour matched.

  • If you shop around in the states it's easier to find a deal, import tax is a bitch tho. I like my V1 but wouldn't pay £850 for it, think back in the day it was about £600. A pre Brexit 600 mind you...

  • I'll have a look.

    What does one normally pay for import tax from the US, 20%?

    I can get a Gorilla Monsoon on trade, but think it's a bit more bike than I need.

    If anyone's selling a 54cm - let me know!

  • Not in the UK, but I also would ask: do I really need a wolverine? It's a good frame and really versatile, but there are plenty of alternatives now. If I was UK based and a wolverine isn't easy to come by I'd just look into bombtrack or similar.

  • I paid €625 for mine in 2016 which worked out at £495 ish. I wouldn’t have paid any more for it. It’s a fun frame but it’s not worth £850 by any stretch

  • A 54cm in green in now making it's way to me. Can't wait!

  • They're great bikes ... they sure can take you places!

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  • Camt wait to get this built up now.

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  • Nice-did you buy it from the states in the end?

  • Mtb hydro brakes can be cheap if using flat bar

  • My panzer in gravel and touring modes!
    And gold chain for some bling-bling!

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  • Gravel mode rocks!

  • I found a UK distributor in the end, they had it shipped from the states in 3 days.

    Think I've made a mistake with these bars and shifters, time will tell...

  • I definitely appreciate the drops for longer rides and mixed terrain but equally, if doing steeper downhills or off road I can see the benefits of your set up. Easy switch for later anyway, enjoy the build and getting it dialled in!

  • The beauty of it being externally cabled is you can have complete setups for flat bars all the way to the callipers and the same for drop bars, if you’ve got enough budget. I had that and swapped once or twice but have just stuck with drops for the past couple years

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Wolverine Owners Club

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