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  • That's a rubbish story - he never names the person(s) who say these things to him, so there's no way for the journalist to say they're untrue. Of course, it's clear to anyone that they're nonsense stories, but there's no proof.

  • See also - 'many people are saying...'; 'they are reporting...'; 'I read that...'.

    All bollocks ways to introduce his unsubstantiated nonsense.

  • I like the way people speak to him on behalf of entire states. That must make him feel very special.

  • Debunked by Snopes. The Mozarella thing completely and the Ancient Rome thing was really just someone reading something into something he didn't say. As Snopes said "Trump said the two countries share a political and cultural heritage, and that that heritage dates back thousands of years", which, given the number of Italian immigrants is more or less true. Politician bullshit perhaps but not crazy behaviour.

  • He's still saying they share a heritage going 1000s of years back, which, well, is not possible.

    And this is less about him being crazy and more about him just making shit up on the spot, as he has always done, without being limited by the boundaries of the possible.

  • As much as I hate to support Trump, I think his speech writer was making a comment about the shared culture, not about the USA and Italy having ties back to Ancient rome

  • Worst example of white-face I have ever seen.

  • Wait. What.

  • Trump shows his racial sensitivity when he likens the impeachment proceedings being brought against him to a lynching.

  • Sounds like today's evidence was quite explosive - opening statement 'prompted gasps'. Hopefully there'll be some leaks shortly.

  • Yes, it's his standard behaviour of claiming that he is a victim--which may be calculated or a reflection of his traumatic childhood. The trouble is that once you've reached such an offensive and clearly inappropriate pitch with it, you're probably running out of road.


    WASHINGTON — William B. Taylor Jr., the United States’ top diplomat in Ukraine, told impeachment investigators privately on Tuesday that President Trump held up security aid for the country and refused a White House meeting with Ukraine’s leader until he agreed to investigate Mr. Trump’s political rivals.

    The testimony drew what one lawmaker described as a “direct line” between American foreign policy and his own political goals.
    In testimony that Democrats in attendance called the most damaging account yet for the president, Mr. Taylor provided an “excruciatingly detailed” opening statement that described the quid-pro-quo pressure campaign that Mr. Trump and his allies have been denying.

  • The anonymous WH official who authored the NYT op-ed that rinsed Trump back in 2018 has done a book called "The Warning"

  • Who knew

  • Oooh. That sounds very damning.
    Saw a tweet today that now 50% think he should be impeached and thrown out - max Clinton got to was 30%. Finally think the road might be slowly running out for Don.

  • "Mr. Taylor, our envoy to Ukraine, knew holding up aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigating Trump's opponents was wrong.

    He went to then-National Security Advisor John Bolton, who told him to write a cable to Secretary Pompeo. He did that."

    Bolton as Cap America is awkward

  • GOP congress members are physically trying to disrupt witness testimony RN­/1187017773337268229

  • It really does feel like the tide is turning right now, doesn't it? Hearing Mitch McConnell say things that aren't blindly supportive...GOP members disrupting hearings...its panic stations. Even Trump's tweets this mornings sound emptier than normal.

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US Politics (formerly The Trump Thread)

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