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  • And get to bring in his supreme court judge of choice.

  • I picked the wrong day to wake up

  • So does this mean there are more fuckwits in the U.S or in the U.K?

  • -

  • What the animal fuck

  • 2016, Year of the poll.

  • A £10 bet on Corbyn, Leicester City and Trump would have been worth £66m

  • Stocks and $ crashing, gold rising.

  • *starts buying loads on

  • Canadian immigration website has crashed.

  • Are we all now legally permitted to grab women by the pussy?

  • Can you stop the planet please I want to get off

  • Crikey. I'm £143 richer than when I went to bed. This new found wealth will definitely mean I can grab women by the pussy.

    What a time to be alive.

    Anyone for tennis?

  • All I can think of is that like Obama, a lots of proposal that Trump introduced will be declined.

    Maybe become the most useless president in history, I hope.

  • Monkey tennis?

  • Is Lee Harvey Oswald definitely dead?

  • Think I'm going to turn this off and put ceebeebies on for some light relief...

  • You'll be relying on Republicans to defy their own leader, again and again and again.

  • Or was it the Mafia?

  • I wish I'd done that, I thought he was probably going to win and some financial compensation would have been nice.

    America's Brexit: dissatisfaction and anger leads to voting for the rebel option, polls don't predict it, 'surprise' victory. For once I agree with Sarah Palin.

    I set up an interview on Talk Radio for a colleague this morning and 51% of their listeners don't think the U.S. have made a mistake. What was the Brexit vote percentage again?

  • I could not imagine this or Brexit coming to pass. I must be totally out of touch

  • On the plus side, Marijuana is now legal recreationally for over 21's in California

  • Time for
    #mexit #colombotomy #koreangina
    You dumbf^ck$

  • Trump has definitely won, just confirmed by BBC.

  • I could not imagine this or Brexit coming to pass. I must be totally out of touch

    I'm guessing you don't live in the countryside or a failed industrial area (another parallel with Brexit).

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US Politics

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