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  • There’s lots of Alex Jones court videos on imgur.
    The lying asshole just lies and lies.
    A mother of one of the slain children said “you keep repeating these lies” and he mumbled no, no, no.
    Then he goes outside to reporters and repeats his lies again.
    He needs to be burned at the stake along with all his supporters. He has done more damage to society than anyone except a few dictators. He is truly a monster.

    The video of the lawyer catching him in his lie about his texts is priceless.
    Then he denies having said that the judge he is front of is involved in deep state child sex trafficking. Again the plaintiff lawyer plays a clip of him saying exactly that.

    The only way civilisation will survive is to play hardball with these subhuman filth. No point in being nice or meeting in the middle. Sue the fuck out of them and jail tgem for perjury and contempt.

  • The Knowledge Fight podcast dissects the court case pretty well if it's of interest

  • Two years of texts.
    There’s got to be some Trump on there.

  • Which senator?
    "If you watched the recess after this they forgot the stream was still going “you mean you have ALL of the texts. Like even ones with the senator?” He smiled and said “yup… everything on the phone for the last 2-3 years. There will be months of fallout and discovery here.”"

  • FBI raided Mar A Lago and cracked open a safe whilst searching for documents that should be in the National Archive right now.

  • Them breaking open the safe would imply he refused to open it voluntarily, would it not?

  • He was at Trump Tower in NY at the time.

  • OK, I'll give him that, albeit grudgingly.

  • It really does feel like he might be in a bit of trouble, doesn't it?

  • Are these documents that were reported as "still on the premises" a few months ago? Surely that's enough notice for them to be rid of them before this raid?

  • Useful thread that explains a few things about the process at the FBI and DoJ.

    Reminder - Christopher Wray, the current head of FBI, was a Trump appointee­atus/1556788136507805697

  • Also note: today is the anniversary of Nixon's resignation. A resignation that triggered the creation of the laws about Executive Branch responsibility for document retention and archiving.

    I am now splashing myself in the rage-tears of Fox and the Christo-fascists masquerading as The Republican Party.

    It is fucking refreshing.

  • I also read that any attempt to prevent documents being handed over can lead to being barred from standing for elected office for life.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Could the Supreme Court could change that?

  • Not likely. The arguments that removing eligibility for public office as being unconstitutional would never even get past a low level Federal judge.

  • It always feel like he’s in trouble but not warrant enough to get in actual trouble over, like if he murder someone, maybe, just maybe.

  • IANAL but there appears to have been an urgency re the probable cause that people are speculating is due to someone flipping on the Donald and something he had in the documents, or that it might have been communicated to a third party who has whistleblown.

    I think the thread Aroogah links to also reinforces that they were looking for something very specific indeed and it isn't a fishing trip.

  • something he had in the documents

    Wild internet speculation leads me to

    18 U.S.C. § 794 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 794. Gathering or delivering defense information to aid foreign government

    (a)  Whoever [...] communicates, delivers, or transmits, or attempts to communicate, deliver, or transmit, to any foreign government, or to any faction or party or military or naval force within a foreign country [...] shall be punished by death

    Imagine the shit show that would ensue then.

  • I forgot the third scenario was that the communication of something in the documents might have been intercepted. Because spies.

  • It always feel like he’s in trouble but not warrant enough to get in actual trouble over, like if he murder someone, maybe, just maybe.


  • He just gets bigger and more powerful the more serious accusations that are bounced off him. Like that fucking planet thing from the Fifth Element.

    They better have something real juicy otherwise this is an incredibly daft own-goal just before the mid terms. He’ll walk the next election at this rate.

  • Things found on Alex Jone’s phone include nude pictures of Jone’s wife he sent to Roger Stone. Mrs Jones did not know about this.­us/1557081502168469504

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