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  • They're going to lose jobs and not get another one. Presumably barred from any number of normal stuff and put on watchlists. They'll be failing background checks left right and centre, be harrassed crossing borders and so on

    Pretty much. But they won't get international travel - felony convicts don't get passports either.

  • How many passport holders do you reckon were in the mob?

  • How many passport holders do you reckon were in the mob?


  • Actual lol here too

  • Think this is very true. Bet most of them got caught up in it and followed along. Doesn’t excuse it, but goes to show how fast you can normalise wrong behaviour in a crowd / mob

  • that seems to be a genuine tactic to evade facial recognition based on all the suddenly clean shaven arrestees

  • How many passport holders do you reckon were in the mob?

    Fair point, but they will also likely end up on no fly lists as well as restricting their movement within the US. Post parole conditions can often forbid people from leaving their own states without explicit consent.

  • Am I the only who's started to contemplate shaving off my beard?

    I haven't been clean shaven for over a decade, but seeing all these failed attempts at masculinity is making some unwelcome connections in my brain.

  • Good tips, thanks Joe

  • don't do it!
    Shaved off my facial hair a few years back when I went on holiday, hadn't seen my chin in over 15 years. Your partner will hate your new looking face, your cheek and chin will feel cold, and you'll constantly be surprised by your reflection in the mirror.

    If you have to do something, play with the styling, mutton chops, goatees, handlebar moustaches, trim the beard don't lose it.

  • We're past peak beard now. A few years ago someone with a beard was probably a barista. Now their likely a racist.

    I think the home working thing will cause more people to want to be clean shaven and dress super neat when we're post-covid too.

  • Great read.

    Imaging having taken part on a jolly, not realising the gravity of the situation and then reading this. Clinch.

  • when we’re post-covid

    Ah, the optimism!

  • don't do it!


    It was bad enough when I trimmed mine yesterday after months of careful neglect. It's too cold and I look weird.

    My 7 year-old has only seen my chin once in her existence and she cried.

  • My beard is all I have! My last line of defence - insulation between my face and a covid fifth-wave world where Ted Cruz is president, Priti Patel prime minister and wiggle have run out of haribo.

  • It would be hilarious if that means they now cannot refuse exceptions for others and have to serve halal food too.

    What's good for the goose etc... :)

  • I think the home working thing will cause more people to want to be clean shaven

    I haven't seen my chin for 15+ years... I assume it's still there, along with my youthful chiselled jawline, but I'm not sure I want to risk finding out.

  • I do wonder if there are a lot of people who don’t quite realise what they’ve done.

    See that video I linked upthread where someone has edited together footage of the days events.

    In no way whatsoever am I excusing the behaviour, but you can see that there's a whole range of people and reactions. Lots of aimless milling, people trying to stop attacks on police, etc. as well as the full on.

    I'm sure lots of people were gassed up never thinking about the next move, let alone consequences. I think it's in the tunnel section where you can see one guy at the front with a gas mask on top of his head half apologizing to the police in sort of "it's not you guys we're after" way. In that moment he's starting to part realise how fucked up it is, but at some point he ordered a gas mask online, packed it, and somehow ended up at the front of that mob.

  • Common sense and basic morality would prevent most people from acting with violence at the head of a mob. Most of us have been on protests at various times. Most of those protests will have hosted (involuntarily or otherwise) fringe factions with different intentions. Most will have seen the point where protest tips over into something more furious or dangerous and it is that point that we have a choice to make: Distance from the illegality and remain in basic protest mode, go home or join in.

    People who chose to join in have nobody to blame but themselves. Not even the president (who is in his own way culpable of course)

    Throw the book at them. I hope they regret it.

  • It's winter, this is a bike forum. It's a trap, don't do it.

  • Yeah, I hear what you're saying. But still....

  • Beards are just fucking creepy. Never seen the appeal of having one. I caught some 4-5day old stubble in a zip once on a ride. Never again will I take that risk.

    I say this as someone with pretty powerful facial hair that could grow a full street lumberjack/artisanal teapot maker/redneck nazi job in about a week.

  • most people

    Do you think?

    I think the opposite.

    If you get a group of men amped and give them a mission they'll fucking run with it.

  • I’m a beardy. Have been for 20 years. I’m almost as disappointed that all the fascists have them as i was when all the footballers grew them.

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US Politics

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