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  • You couldn't make it up!

    I think it's a maximum rather than a minimum of ten years though.

    Source (quite eye-opening wording):­actions/executive-order-protecting-ameri­can-monuments-memorials-statues-combatin­g-recent-criminal-violence/

  • Account suspended

  • Yah. Fixed

  • See that

  • Zip tie guy has been identified; Eric Munchel is a barman at, for real, "Kid Rock's Big Ass Honkey Tonk" bar in Nashville, TN

  • He’s just incited a mob to attempt a coup, it is the opposite of pointless.

    I feel people keep trying to play this down. I don't know why his heads not no a block right now!

    This was an attempted coup. If it had any traction, he'd have run with it! He'd have capitalised on it! Fuck that... He incited and pushed them. He's been building on this for years like a lobster in a pot...

  • Mark Cuban may have his issues but I like this...

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  • Kid Rock plays golf with Trump. Eyes emoji

  • They should 100% conduct the ceremony inside with a dozen people 'cause it's bloody freezing in DC at this time of year.

  • I heard there's some sort of bug going round too.

  • This time round and maybe the next but one day the bug will be gone or we will all be immune. It will still be cold in DC in January though. I blame the 1775ish terrorists for this mess.

  • Some impressive visual forensics going on to ID people that were involved. Imagine storming a government building wearing a set of patches that's basically a road map of how to find you.

  • Here he is explaining how he just wants us all to be able to get along.

  • I liked the guy who was sure the Tennessee patch on Munchels chest plate was there to throw you off the scent, but nope they are just fucking stupid.

  • They were flex cuffs too. Surely that should be held as evidence in a terrorism charge?

  • Effectively obscuring most of your face... and then putting your hometown on your chest.

  • Would love to see how that hateful guy reacts when someone tells him trump is a boomer as he was born in 46, but that biden is part of the silent generation. Soooooo...... How do you like them apples you dumb fuckball...?

    Edit... The red haired guy from an earlier video not the one above... Shouting about how he fucking hates boomers...

  • Looks like the flex cuffs came from a bag the police had inside the building. There's a picture with a police bag marked 'cuffs'.

    Obviously he may have brought them in with him.

  • nah he's hilarious. a window into the fevered mind of a man who has lost touch with reality. the homo-eroticisation of trump is fascinating.

  • From the above article I linked, the other guy photographed carrying the flex-cuffs had this to say:

    He claimed that he had found the zip-tie handcuffs on the floor. “I wish I had not picked those up,” he told me. “My thought process there was I would pick them up and give them to an officer when I see one. . . . I didn’t do that because I had put them in my coat, and I honestly forgot about them.”

    Clearly a bunch of man-children who have never been told they can't do anything or had to face consequences for any of their actions.

  • Frighteningly I think it’s way more banal than that. He’s an evolution of Giles or Thelwell

  • From David Allen Green’s Law and Policy blog;

    First, impeachment is there for a reason.

    And second, what the president did on 6th January is such a reason.

  • Oh fuck yeah Canada!

  • Lol. Stranger than fiction.

  • Clearly a bunch of man-children who have never been told they can't do anything or had to face consequences for any of their actions.

    There are quite a few photos knocking around that might add weight to the claim that he found them on the floor. The claim he was handing them to the police is particularly crazy though because there is footage of him using them to lock the doors to the chamber!

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US Politics

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