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  • “ Ding-dong, the jerk is gone. Finally, we have come to the end of Donald Trump’s season of extreme misrule. Voters have rejected what can only be described as the crassest, vainest, stupidest, most dysfunctional leadership this country has ever suffered.

    Congratulations to Joe Biden for doing what Hillary Clinton couldn’t, and for somehow managing to do it without forcefulness, without bounce, without zest, without direction and without a real cause, even.

    It is a time for celebrating. Let us praise God for victory, however meagre and under-whelming. But let us also show some humility in our triumph. Before we swing into a national sing-along of the Hallelujah Chorus, I urge you to think for a moment about how we got here and where we must go next.”­e/2020/nov/07/trump-defeat-election

  • Thread name change anyone?

  • We really should show Biden some respect and make a clean break with a new thread in his name.

  • Rudy was there. Most reporters fucked off once they realised it was the same old, no evidence claims. There was a good twitter thread from one of the journos.

  • has anyone seen mickey p lately? bully boy barr? they've got the covids, don't they?

    imagine literally sacrificing your life because you hitched your wagon to a bloviating sack of pus like trump.

    fuck 'em. i hope they all kark it coughing their guts up and cursing his name. they deserve no less.

  • this

    I donno, I'm 32 and have been in the States since I was 6. From my perspective, we watched 2,000 people die on live television in 2001 and things just got worse from there.

  • Everyone knows it’s a 7 year cycle.

  • I loved that phone...

  • 2001 - Plane crash
    2008 - Market crash
    2015 - Nick Clegg
    2022 - Permanent peak bog fires, Wuhan Flu part deux or DBAD 2 or something.

  • Well, I've celebrated this momentous evening by cleaning encrusted shit off an old lavatory seat. Not a pleasant job, but it seemed strangely relevant. And I now have a spotlessly clean bog seat, which is a happy side-effect.

  • You forgot something for UK residents.

    2021: Rat cuisine. But blue passports.

  • So wonderful to watch.

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  • One of the replies was "Lawn Order President"

    Absolute gold

  • How many days has the charlatan shitgibbon spent playing golf,
    instead of fulfilling his duty as President?

  • How many days has the charlatan shitgibbon spent playing golf,
    instead of fulfilling his duty as President?

  • Big street party happening in my neighborhood.

  • Great reply. I wonder if it's unlawful for a president to spend government funding on his own enterprise? If I was an american taxpayer I'd be pissed off by this. I'd be probably even more pissed off by many other things he's done though

  • +1
    @dst2 please rename this thread to goodbye trump or something witty, so the us politics thread has a clean sheet in a new thread. The talk about the lawsuits and his lock up will need this old thread for reference.

  • The atmosphere in Los Angeles was quite amazing today. Everyone out in the streets celebrating.

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  • Proper choked up when Kamala came out, great suit... It's been such a shit four plus years, I've felt like I've been under psychic attack almost every day since that prick got the Republican nomination...

    May he rot in hell...

  • Likewise. We’ve been crying on and off all day 😂

  • Such a breath of fresh air to hear those two speeches.

    Now let’s get the senate seats in GA and gain control and then prosecute the entire Trump family until they have nothing left.

  • Which part of hackney?

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US Politics

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