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  • Obvs, John King has been awake (and talking) for 327 hours

    So, fair play.

  • No idea behind the thresholds required for calling a state so no idea personally. But yeah, Arizona does seem to be trending towards Trump.

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  • FOX News just said a few minutes ago that the votes left in Arizona aren't enough to turn it in Trump's favour.

  • I mean if that was the case then all media outlets should be calling it right? Surely there has still has to be some uncertainty at this point.

    Edit: 3 million, 87% cast, so that still leaves over 400k to count right?

  • Once they call it everyone turns off and goes to bed, no more ad revenue.

  • I think everybody's got their methods so there's some discrepancy, but they've already called it for Biden and probably the others will do it very soon as well.

  • Oh yeah for sure, I questioned how Virgina was called at 34% counted with Biden way behind. But it's definitely mathematically possible for Trump to win AZ at this point. Looks like there's still over 400k to count and Biden has a lead in the region of 55k.

  • currently Biden is only 3,486 behind in Georgia and 53000+in PA

  • Useful chap to follow for PA, GA, AZ updates.

  • Bannon calling for Dr Fauci’s head on a pike. As you do.

  • Shouldn't bannon be in prison?

  • Thanks you, this is what I have been looking for!

  • Hopefully he will be, just need to slow the sentencing down so that Trump can’t pardon him.

  • In the context of Trump and his bullshit it's good that Twitter is being so aggressive with their labeling.

    But it does make you think about the flipside. As much of a nutter as Bannon is, I did think that his point in the Vice video about breaking up and nationalising things like twitter wasn't that out there.

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  • Some of these trends may be upset by late-arriving military ballots from overseas. Usually solidly red, but Trump may find that calling the military ‘losers and suckers’ might have been a tactical error.

  • Revenge tweet

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  • In an assessment of how to concede in the presidential campaign this from Amol Rajan from the BBC. I’m not expecting anything like this in the next few days.
    John McCain

  • I’d say a bigger issue for him is how he has alienated Georgia and Atlanta in particular.

    2016 Fulton County was D 281k and R 110k vs 373k vs 135k so far this year. If Biden wins Georgia you can attribute it solely to the urban vote in ATL.

    Killer Mike will be feeling a ton better if they pull it off.

  • I have to say I’m enjoying this. Watching Trump melt down like the spoilt brat he is as the election is ‘stolen’ from him is highly entertaining.

  • Hell yes! Also a bit frightening, there's people out there that take his word as gospel.
    It's quite fascinating how Fox News are distancing himself from him. Can't wait for Georgia to be called for Biden. Popcorn galore...

    He looked he was woken up from heavy sedation for his speech. In my mind Fauci is behind the scenes with a tranquiliser gun ready to get back to sleep straight afterwards.

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US Politics

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