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  • I think a good barometer of how ill he actually ill he is, is his Twitter account. If it goes nut with hundreds every day he's bored an self isolated in a room somewhere; if his account is quiet then he's seriously fucked, ill with tubes in.

    Lets see.

  • Drip works too. 😁

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  • The US army really dislikes Trump. The commanding officers especially

    True, but will they mount what would be seen as a military coup to save America from becoming a fascist dictatorship? 20's America could be the Junta years.

  • I think they might well do, but I'm not as sure as I was a few months ago.

    If someone tries to subvert democracy and seize power (incumbent or not) the military has a decision to make. Inaction is a decision.
    Without the backing of the military any coup cannot succeed.
    What historically has happened (see South America for example) is that the military have stepped in to steady the ship and then the leader(s) have a taste power and like it.

    Possibly the US military is well disciplined enough for that to not occur, and for them to preside over an interim period where free and fair elections could be held.

    The problem is that the politics of it all makes it so messy and unclear. It's not like Trump is just going to seize power in a sweeping move. He will obfuscate, blame the democrats trying to steal the election and generally sow confusion everywhere. And so on.

    At what point does the military step in?

  • If he dies, a lot of his supporters will say he was assassinated by the deep state. He'll be a martyr for the legion of conspiracy nutters he has legitimised. Scary times.

    Suppose this happens either before the election or, say, after he loses to Biden. Suppose those nutters riot. Pence gets an excuse for declaring a state of emergency... Reichstag fire, 2020.

    My immediate reaction to the news was "Serves him right, hope it gets him" but it's a lot safer for the world if it doesn't.

  • If the military industrial complex saves America, we 100% are living in a simulation or the world actually did end in 2012 and this is all some absurd limbo dimension.

    Oh well. Reality doesn’t mean anything anymore anyway. Let’s just keep cranking up the novelty meter.

  • Helicopter to move him to hospital everything is cool

  • 2020 keeping up the lols.

    Precautionary means he's getting pretty sick doesn't it.

  • Yes the White House is notorious for lacking even the most basic medical facilities, basically a pot of Germolene and a bottle of Tums is all they have available.

  • Announced after the markets closed too. Classic trump.

  • He’s probably just gone for the view.

  • Boris's precautionary hospital admission was after 10 days of symptoms/illness.

  • .

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  • Hehehe

  • Just properly howled. V good.

  • Trump is at high risk because of his age and weight. He has remained in apparent good health during his time in office but is not known to exercise regularly or to follow a healthy diet.

    Reuters being extremely diplomatic.

    No tweets... I wonder what impact this will have on the radical right wing, when they feel validated one day then they’re faced with the potential death of their ally the next. Will they grow even closer to trump?

  • Virus absolutely ripping through the WH; Kellyanne Conway and the latest campaign director as well as another senator now positive.

  • Kellyanne Conway

    Such a shame

  • The timeline of Ruth Bader Ginsberg saying from her deathbed “don’t replace me before the election” and the GOP holding a party to announce her replacement that infects them all before she was even buried is a bit Greek mythology.

  • He's a clean freak too right? Shakes head.

  • yeah total germophobe.

    Why he only likes to eat mcdonalds.


    Trump getting a course of expensive antibodies, remsidevir and more. Like Boris here, first class treatment.

    Edit: Correction I got fairly called out being wrong as Boris got the exact same NHS treatment as everyone else in the ward.

    So I guess Trump will be fine unless he gets unlucky.

  • Howard Hughes--the billionaire aviator, motion-picture producer and business tycoon--spent most of his life trying to avoid germs. Toward the end of his life, he lay naked in bed in darkened hotel rooms in what he considered a germ-free zone. He wore tissue boxes on his feet to protect them. And he burned his clothing if someone near him became ill.

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US Politics

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