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  • Ooooo, I have to unsubscribe me from this thread. 😉

    Silver, @anidel. Lots of silver for this bike

  • ahaha you're right, but ahead stems in silver? maybe white?

  • but it's a good idea...looking for them

  • Ahead is difficult as this bike has small diameter tubes. But as you want ahead, go for the 2nd gen Ritchey Classic. Or Thomson. I had a silver Eclypse on it and it looked superb.

  • Yeah wanted to go ahead, I know :)

  • You wanted ahead to put 31.8 bars? If only for ahead, try chromed ahead. I have a nice steel eclypse mountainbike stem but I assume these exist in -17 road version. Need 25,x bars tho.

  • Mostly to fully go neo-retro on this.

  • It will look good anyway. Can't go wrong with a frame like this.

  • If you want 31.8mm bars, Nitto UI-12 is available in ahead version from planetx:­itto-ui-12-ahead-stem

    But it’s 80 degree (planetx webpage states 71 degree but this is incorrect), and they only have the 100mm ones.

  • That clamp is sooooo ugly...

  • Nice nice..

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  • Lovely.

  • Thanks.

    Got a 17 degree stem. Looks nicer.

    White tape is coming.

  • The side view.

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    • DSC_0676.JPG
  • The original stem I wanted to use had a higher stack height. This 3T has a lower one, hence the spacers are off at the top.

  • White tape arrived.

    Not my best wrapping and cable cutting, but I'm happy,

    well kinda. I made a mistake with the front cable. Won't let me put the stem up/down as I had hoped, cut it too short and realised too late :/

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    • DSC_0675.JPG
  • In the end no project thread.
    This is the finished beauty

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    • 20210117_112041.jpg
  • I'll snap the obligatory No Ball Games pics downstairs later or tomorrow after a cleanup.

    Rides beautifully.

  • well done, @anidel!!

  • Thanks!

    Gather you like it

  • impressive! well done & thanks for sharing this beauty with us :-)

  • Pleasure. :)

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Società Sancineto

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