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  • After spamming several threads as a result of spontaneous Sancineto-fanboyism, I hereby follow @anidel 's suggestion to create a dedicated thread for Sancineto owners and admirers.
    @JeremyDaval @kenzo @inkleined

    Regardless of their desirability, however, they are still one of the most unknown marques. Once you get past the flamboyant paint, fine engineering details start to appear, along with the realization that you’re looking at something really special.

    Sancineto is a family-run frame builder located in Cuneo, Italy. Pietro Sancineto, in the Italian tradition, raced bicycles and began making frames around 1919. His son Sabastiano carried on, who trained his son, Gianni. Gianni is, to the best of my knowledge, still making frames. [from cyclexif]

    Their very small frame shop was on the family farm outside of Cuneo.
    Sancineto built bikes for various national teams.

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  • Also, let it be known that I'm looking for one in size 55-57 (c-t). Preferably Nivacrome :) Ideally Max tubing... #wishfulthinking

  • EBay listing frameset 62x58

  • This one was briefly in my possession. Built as townie/beater ss due to lots of rust, poor chrome and other issues including stuck bb and holes in chainstays. Columbus Neuron tubing, crazy light but also very prone to dings and rust because of very thin walls. Lovely details including engraved lugs and seatstay caps.

    Full flickr set.

  • always liked their crazy paintjobs

  • yes yes yes

  • Niiiicceeee images are already flooding in...well done.

  • cheers!
    @enigmatic do you still have yours? If so, pics of the current build maybe?

  • This De Bernardi reminds me of them. Columbus Max with similar paint scheme.

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  • Seems they were made from all types of Columbus tubing, including lower end. This one is Gara, and one of the ones on eBay is Aelle.

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  • Check out the paint scheme on the fork, looks almost exactly like the one on the sancineto max. Could be that they contracted with the same painter, given that they were both fairly small manufacturers it seems unlikely that they did the painting in-house. The sancineto has more interesting details though, in comparison the bernardi looks kinda boring and the seatstays look a bit bulky.

    Re the types of tubing used: I found it interesting that there seem to be more examples with really high-end tubing than with more basic tubing such as aelle, gara etc.

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  • Here a few pics of my Sancineto Max and EL OS.

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  • Columbus MAX

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  • el os

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  • Which group is going on the max?

  • That Max is stunning. Had the opportunity to buy this one (also listed above) for 400 euro but hesitated and now the new owners wants 750... Still regret it.

  • I actually don't know. Maybe a silver Athena group or even a Super Record group. For sure going to be a neo retro build. Do you guys have any ideas?

  • I don't think it's worth that much. 500 maybe. Definitely not 750 even if NOS.

  • 750 euro is an eBay price.

  • It might not be worth that much for us but it's difficult to determine a 'real' value for something desirable that is no longer produced. For instance, Cicli Berlinetta (the Berlin based bike shop) is selling NOS Sancineto frames for around 1200€ which may seem ludicrous to us. Nevertheless, there are people willing to pay that price, the australian strada max for example was bought from cicli berlinetta for around 1.2k€ (read that on the australian fixed gear forum). Since the value of these goods is largely determined by the demand, one could argue that it is indeed worth 750€ as longer as there is a buyer willing to pay that kind of money. That being said the seller seems to be a bit stupid for not putting it on ebay with the option to ship internationally.

    I was also thinking super record 11 for maximum HHSRB points! If you opt for Athena and want something special, you might consider giving the group a treatment like this:

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  • Shops do have to make a profit and they tend to sell to people who haven't much knowledge of frames and are attracted only by the looks of a bike.
    There are collectors who also think the more something costs, the better it is and they have the means to buy at those prices.
    If I was a bike shop I'd have to probably close within months of opening it as I'd never oversell to anyone.

  • You're absolutely right. My point is simply that a price which might seem outrageous for us can still be a market price as long as there is a market for it :) Also consider opportunity costs, if you make 1k an hour (who doesn't, I know...) you'd rather pay a bit more for a frame than spending hours on the interwebz searching for a frame with a lower price. That is why People with too much Money often pay seemingly unproportional additional fees for Service/peace of mind/less hassle or whatever you wanna call it.

  • If you're paying the prices Cicli Belinetta or other shops like Steel Vintage charge then you really aren't looking hard enough. Sure there will always be people willing to pay a premium for not having to, but I don't think you can go by these shops as being any kind of guide for prices.

    It's a nice, well built frame, but every time I read what little is written about it seems to regurgitated from the same article talking about how they are the Holy Grail of bikes.

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Società Sancineto

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