Garmin Vector Pedals

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  • Garmin Vector duel sided power.
    Pedalworks cycles test rided these for me and powered up fine. I have tried with my older Garmin 500 and cannot get to show power.
    Give up now tbh so selling £200

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  • How old are these? What did Garmin tech support say?

  • Don't know age as came on a bike I brought 2 wk's ago.
    Havn't contacted Garmin I just took them into lbs
    and had no problem showing power both sides.
    Perhaps my Garmin 500 don't support them. I can't be arsed anymore. Got a great deal on the P5 anyway

  • They look like the original vectors. These are no longer supported by Garmin. I have a set which were one of the first released for sale. I have had no issues with mine and they have worked well even though they have been moved from bike to bike many times. I recently lost a battery holder / cover. I emailed Garmin in Germany who got Garmin Australia to call me here in NZ. The Garmin guy needed my serial number from the box (it wasn't any of the numbers on the units). I explained I didn't have the box since moving from UK to NZ. He found me on the Garmin stats website and from that the number for my pedals. He then said that there were no spare covers shown anywhere in stock but that he could upcycle one from a returned and replaced warranty claim. He posted it to me in NZ all FOC. So in summary, nice unit that works well, shit that Garmin has dropped it so quickly after moving to the Vector 2 units, fabulous customer service.

    I don't think they work with anything pre 810 but the best thing to do is take your head unit to the pedals, tell it to detect powermeter and spin the pedals for a few seconds. If it works then I would say these are a good buy. Mine cost £1200.

  • Work with an edge 800 anyone? Potential dibs depending on research.

  • Thanks Enigmatic :-) Gotta agree they do seem to be first gen model. I ain't the best at tech stuff but ok when everything works straight off. I may well take them over to Sigma as there selling the first gen pods for £49, upgrade my Garmin 500 to a 800 or better is probably the answer also. Know back. n the day they cost +1k

  • heitzman yes copy your interest but shall let you do research re Edge 800 first. There is a chap that expressed interest yesterday also.

  • I've just read the manual and that says they should work even with a 500. I've read that if if there are hr or cadence sensors paired but not present then the 500 can screw up. Maybe unpair all the other sensors and try again. Good luck!

  • Fantastic thank you, shall try later :-)

  • Thanks all!
    Sale on hold

  • Got them working? Brilliant!

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Garmin Vector Pedals

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