Miche cranksets considered harmful?

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  • This leaves me in a bit of a predicament. I'm compiling a shopping list for a build under the IOM ride to work scheme. Sugino isn't available leaving dura ace (not cheap!), campagnolo or possibly SRAM as an option ( it needs to be silver). I had thought about Miche 2.0 but there is little or no review info and this has put me off Miche cranks.

  • Hadn't considered them. Any views?

  • none at all. They seem to be fine. I use stronglight bbs when I can. I like them.

  • I may have spoken in defence of these cranksets too soon...

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  • Shit... I replaced my chain today after getting a strange noise under load... saw this thread and checked my crank and hey presto. Fuck Miche!

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  • I have another set in the garage...anyone want to place bets?

  • Are these cranks really light? Just looks like a lack of material. No obvious stress-raisers. Anyone know if they're cold-forged, or just cast?

  • I ended up changing the chainring bolts a couple of days ago and the noise seems to be gone. No cracks anywhere either so I kept them on, but now I find myself checking the cranks every time I'm off the bike!

  • Mine is ok. It has machined recesses rather than cast like the above.
    It is about 10 years old. Is it just more recent versions that are failing?

  • Mine were stock on a 2016 vigarello. I have noticed a cracking from new but attributed it to the bb settling in as it’s a square taper and they can do that I was told (?)

    Definitely replacing tomorrow

  • I read this thread and despite thinking most Miche products were shit, I thought the cranks were decent. Have just checked mine and they have a hairline crack on the back of the spider as in the images above. Absolutely tiny so not sure how long it has been there or if they will last but not great for my peace of mind! Anyone got any affordable SG75s?!

  • Well I’ve been riding fairly hard on mine since the creaking started so failure probably isn’t too imminent.

    Checked the other set I have in the garage and they aren’t cracked...yet. Going to fit them and keep checking them regularly.

  • I've had three sets of these and currently run two. One on my paddy wagon which has been running day in, day out for years in all weathers. The other just fitted to my new pre cursa but used before on and off for a year. Will be checking both very carefully tonight...

  • Jesus. Are you going to check the rest of 'em?

  • I snapped my crank arm and bailed down hard, okay though luckily. I had it a long time and i thought my chain was making a strange noise under pressure...

    Are there any real tough crank sets out there? I was just looking at the Miche Advanced, but have followed the comments, any other suggestions?

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  • We are using these cranks out of the specific environment they were designed for, treating them to all kinds of abuse.

    I have had a pair of Stronglights crack at three bolt points on the spider before I realised and stopped riding them. We helped some guy limp 15KM into Margate on a group ride after this.

    On Wednesday I went to fit a ten year old DA 7600 crank. After cleaning it up realised it was actually going to be a "nope" and I'll be listing the non-drive side on EBay..

    Guess we just need to take better care of our stuff, clean and inspect more often.

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  • Yeah, when I go back to work but I'm furloughed the now so that's for worrying about at another time!

  • We are using these cranks out of the specific environment they were designed for, treating them to all kinds of abuse.

    That's painful about your DAs, would have thought them to be pretty indestructible.

    It'll be interesting to see if any of the cranksets on the bikes at work have developed the crack in that area, given that they have been used in the "specific environment they were designed for".

  • Guess this is as good a place to ask as any, Campag chainsets, the road ones all 135bcd?

    Looking at options as I doubt the un-cracked Miche I fitted will last long. I have bikes with 130 and 144bcd cranks just now, want to avoid adding another standard into the mix.

  • If anyone on this thread still has their failed Miche crankset, snapped or cracked, and would like to know more about what happened to it, I'm in touch with an engineer who wants to analyse some. May be able to cover postage. DM for details.

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Miche cranksets considered harmful?

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