Miche cranksets considered harmful?

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  • Anyone experience this with their Miche crankset? It has happened twice so far. I think I'm going to go with Omniums

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  • They are considered a bit shit. Go om's or 75 DD.

  • Micheese, amirite?!

  • Any chance using (weak?) rings has helped cause the issue? That said ive never been entirely happy with mine, what ever i try theres always been excessive noise in my transmission-it does seem like the chainset itself is not entirely true.

  • I believe they can. Factory Five's are quite thin; you could probably bend them with your hands. aarn/44rn are pretty stiff though. I think this shows in the pictures: the Miche crank with F5's taco'd while the other Miche crank with aarn's cleanly broke off.

  • i've snapped a miche driveside arm from trackstanding after a year of use.

  • get some 75's

    You are clearly a brute

  • Dur

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  • How are Rotors? Are they stiff like Omniums?

  • Wow, that's worse than mine

  • I've broke my 2nd set of primatos last night. I'm angry and sore... I assume the 75's can take more of a beating?

  • Is there a reason why you want to use square taper?

  • Italian engineering 101 "Does it look good?" "Check" "Is it fit for purpose?" "Not so much"

  • shit, if only I'd known about this thread when mine went a couple of years ago. they refused and refused to accept that the crank arm had simply snapped (almost identical to sergioflorez' pic above) and insisted that there must have been an accident I wasn't telling them about. I'd only had them for a 6-7 months so wanted my money back/replacement to sell so as a last resort I had to make a public comment on their facebook page complaining about terrible customer service. Next thing they were threatening to sue me for 'defamation of the brand' or words to that effect, that day I was hungover and fragile so I panicked and removed the post, couple of weeks after for some reason they changed their mind and sent me a replacement which I sold immediately.

    TL/DR they're shit and not safe to ride, if I'd known about this thread I would have sent them a bunch of pics from here as proof that their product is whack and clearly not a one-off

  • @alfred_ostwald @Clever_Pun @sergioflorez Anyone still have the remnants of their snapped Primato crank arms? I'm in touch with an engineer who's interested in looking at mine to investigate if there is an intrinsic flaw in the design or fabrication.

  • no, mine got sent back to the miche factory for them to investigate. i can dig out pics if that helps?

  • It was the Contis wot did it...

  • Ta v much -- I think it's the physical crank that he's interested in examining but have linked him to this thread and if he asks for more pics, I may come back to you.

  • Damn. Now I am afraid to ride mine.

  • I think I still have mine. Maybe just the arm.

  • Just to play devils advocate, we have 69 bikes running Primatos at work and have had no broken cranks in over 7 years.

    We have had several bent cranks and bent spiders but no breakages. Bends usually occurring due to crashing.

    Our bikes have been used by riders weighing upwards of 20 stone, riders who can do 2k+ watts in 6 second wattbike tests and riders with excruciatingly poor pedalling technique.

    We have had one frame failure during a crash and the crankset from that bike was rebuilt on a new frame and is still in use.

    To provide some context, we replaced probably 75-85% of the stock RSP handlebars on the 56cm and larger bikes due to them bending during normal use/crashes which should be indicative of the use the bikes are seeing.

  • I still use Miche products. I’m thinking about buying another Primato.

  • I have a pair on one of my bikes. I figured there are only a handful of reports from thousands of users. You post helps put it in perspective.

  • I have always had a Miche primato crankset but only the first generation, the pedals have a better finish than the second generation

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Miche cranksets considered harmful?

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