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  • I'm gonna take my new (to me) Kona HumuHumu up to Carron Valley on Saturday if anyone is up for it?

  • No can do. At Mugstock dancing like a loon this saturday (after a couple of runs of kens mangina).

    long weekend after (sun, mon, tues) I'm going to be riding some of the highland 550 back to glasgow from inverness.

    If anyone wants to join, some company would be nice. Still not sure which direction to go in, or whether to do the top loop or not. I'm significantly fitter than I have been in recent times, so short bivvying and long days in the saddle is the aim. less sleep, more pain.


  • What time @M_V. I'm working til 4. If you're up for evening riding, you can get me in Maryhill and I'll drive us up there... even drop you off at Croy on the way back!

  • Sorry, I'm heading out there this morning. On the train now actually.

    Next time.

  • Nae worries. If you want a nicer route up than the Tak, you can try this. It takes you up into the forest at the top of Eas DubhĀ­ls.php?path=12

  • Cheers for that, I'd been thinking there might be a better way.

    Just went tak today though as I have a reasonably fresh tattoo on my leg and went out in a pair of Vans and that link said it might be quite overgrown so thought it might be best left for another day, definitely going to give it a shot.

    I already take the forestry road off the Tak just after the ford and that brings you to the top of Runway, there's a T junction on the trail, reckon going left instead of right would take you around to the big open corner after the bit with the bench where you can either head to Eas Dubh or start descending towards Runway.

    Good day but had to cut it a bit short as I found my thin rubber rim strip in my front wheel isn't holding up too well around the big cutouts in my rim (it's a trials rim).

  • If you're looking for it, as you start up the Tak take a left at the golf course sign. Ride up past the course car park and turn left onto the farm road. It's clearly signposted. There's a heritage sign with route history.

    It's through grazing fields so not overgrown. I've a feeling that link what written a few years ago though. Maybe the farmer has recently converted the field.

    On the way back down, you can go into the Colzium Estate. There's a nice cliff drop feature there... The path at the bottom on the canal feeder takes you out at the bottom of the Tak.

    I'll have weekends off from the end of August. I'll organise a ride out from mine. We can head back to mine for a barbecue too!

  • Dunoon - anyone been? Heard it can be a bit soft and mushy this time of year?

  • Any of the gfgss mtb crew up for something on Saturday? Guess some might be a bit hung over after Car Park Cat (personally I'll be trying to avoid getting as smashed as I did after Riddler-cat) so a lunchtime-ish start might be in order?

  • If anyone wants to get a bit further afield... I'm in Oban now. All are welcome to come stay and see some trails around these parts.... They are aplenty.

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