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  • Come Play Polo!

    Bike polo is a co-ed sport where men and women play together on teams of three.
Originating in the States, bike polo is a global community consisting of tight knit local clubs.

    Basic Rules:

    Goals have to be scored with the round end of the mallet
    If you put your foot down, you must tap back in at the middle of the court
    First team to score 5 points win

    Other than, just have fun and come hang out. The best way to get involved is to get stuck into games. We can give you information about what equipment to use, but we advise just coming along to some of our ‘throw in’ sessions where people will be happy to lend you a bike and a mallet.

    Where and When we Play?

    Games are organised week to week, so check out the following threads to see if we are playing.


South London:­05/
    Newington Gardens, Harper Road SE1 (Monday, Wednesday and Sunday)

    North London:­14/
    Mitchinson Road, N1 (Tuesday or Thursday)


Information for new players

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