90's Concorde Giro, modern groupset

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  • Bought this frame from @Kreddy a few months ago (a pleasure to deal with), and it’s been sitting in my room gathering dust ever since, which isn’t right. Nothing new going on here, just a simple build. A bit indulgent I know, but I’m hoping that by starting a thread it will encourage me to get this done, and I’d be very grateful for a bit of help along the way, I'm no expert at this (my 2nd ever build). I’ve been wanting to put a modern groupset on a steel frame a for a while now, and I’m a sucker for the 90's and a Concorde paintjob, so when this came up I couldn’t resist.

    Better pictures to eventually follow, but this is the frame, a Concorde Giro from roughly 1996 I believe. Columbus Brain tubing:

    And this was Kreddy’s fine build (but those tyres Kreddy!):

    I like it as above and was originally thinking to do something fairly similar. But then I stumbled upon this piece of radness on page one of hhsrb..so this is my new inspiration:

    I think the black components with white saddle / bartape works particularly well on that light frame, not sure it will be quite so good but I reckon (or am hoping), with the chrome forks and stays, and the white decals, it may also look alright on this one..

    So, a rough parts list:

    Veloce groupset (I know I want a modern silver groupset - at least silver cranks - I think veloce is my only sensible option right??). Though I defo want black levers.

    Black quill stem and handlebars. Any suggestions??
    Black seatpost - 26.8
    White turbo saddle (already have) and white bartape
    Dunno what wheels. Definitely want black rims, but not sure whether to go black or silver spokes. And which wheels in particular I have no idea yet.

    So I’m just collecting parts for now - any thoughts or suggestions let me know. And I'd definitely appreciate any help.


  • I've just bought a similar frame, 90's columbus brain with chrome stays and forks so will be interested to see how yours turns out. I don't have the money to build it up yet but I had a similar plan to you with silver bits and white saddle/tape. For wheels i'm on the lookout for some Gipiemme Tecno or Fir Aria rims, and probably period correct campy group for cost reasons.

  • Subbed. And dibs frame if you ever sell :)

  • I recommend Nitto for stem and seatpost.
    Veloce's a great groupset.
    If you can look for a 2008-ish era crank cos ultra-torque
    I can recommend ambrosio hubs if you're going handbuilt, solid and great value.

  • Much as I like the Vitus build overall, I'm going silver spokes to match the shiny shiny chrome and groupset.

  • @Colonel_of_Truth I'll be trying to keep costs down on this one too, this is a total luxury purchase.

    @timmah! cheers - all very helpful, will look into. Those veloce cranks are perfect. I'll prob try and pick up a whole groupset though

    Noted too @Thrasher ! But hopefully won't be going anywhere soon...

    cheers all for the interest

  • yeah that was what I initially thought too..but then when I look at the vitus i keep changing my mind.

  • actually @timmah! why do you recommend 2008 cranks over newer ones; something I need to be aware of??

  • ultra torque (<2012 or thereabouts) vs power torque (after that).

    ultra torque is superior and still used on the higher end campag groups. campa introduced power torque to differentiate more between group performance. before, all groups had uktra torque.

    google "ultra torque vs power torque" and read it from somebody who's put more time in explaining this what I now tried quicly

  • oh and rad frame!

  • cheers for that, already glad I posted...

  • Sweet. Love a Concorde.
    Plan sounds good me thinks.

  • right, progress has been slow... but a small update. Silver headset replaced with a black one...need to get a spacer though.

    Other bits purchased...

    Chorus brakes from @bontie , as I'm not that keen on the veloce calipers, and a 3ttt stem from @1993 . Stem may be too short but i'll try it out first, I've got a bit of a t-rex posture.

    And finally, I did manage to source a new ultra torque crankset from the bay which I'm just trying to install now...

    I'm having problems though, i appear to have a gap between the NDS crank arm and bb. Is this an issue or do I need to find some sort of spacer??

    Other thoughts - might go for some deda piega handlebars - I want a shallow drop. Also any ideas on a 26.8 black seatpost would be appreciated...am thinking about thomson layback, but not sure if it will look right on this..

  • Looks about right - the bearings are pressed onto the spindle so you couldn't fit a spacer in there even if you wanted.

    The only spacer you get is a wavy washer that goes on to the spindle inbetween the bearings and the NDS cup

  • Cool perfect - thank you. Yep got the wavy washer on. There's no give, all feels solid.

  • Must've missed this while I was on holiday. Looking good! Nice frame.

    About the cranks: although slightly different, my Ultra Torque Chorus 11sp cranks fit perfectly on the cups. No room between the cranks and the cups. Can't remember, but are the bearings pressed on the NDS spindle (as well)? Maybe they're not pressed all the way? Maybe the bottom bracket was faced a couple millimeters? Just spitballing.

  • hey Tijs, good to hear from you. this will be a slow burner..

    hmm, I didn't check if the bearings pressed further on to the crank arm if that's what you mean, it didn't occur to me to check and nothing seemed amiss. I don't think that would make a difference though would it, if the hirth joint is firmly in contact - it's just the length is longer than the bb shell width... Maybe it has been faced, or maybe the bb shell width is just different??

    From what i can google, the gap is okay i think (hope) as long as there's no lateral movement..

  • Subbed. Love this Concorde paintjob and with modern groupset this is gonna look and perform brilliantly

  • cheers @anidel

    right, this has been slow.. I've been away etc so forth but I'm back on it...

    excuse the abomination of a photo, but an idea of what this will look like..

    I need to get some wheels - these are fulcrum quattros from my other bike, I might just go for another set of these... the only other thought as mentioned above was to get some made with black rims and silver spokes but that will be more expensive and this is costing quite a bit already...

    as you can see i've stuck some fancy white hoods on it. Quite like it against the black bars, but the original plan was to go with white tape and now i'm thinking its the contrast that looks good so maybe just keep the black. Or I could go black tape with these instead. Pretty good at making decisions, me...

  • this thread has been a bit of a shambles, but I've pretty much finished this. Just need to stick some bartape on it and I think I'm going to lose the white hoods as it's a bit overkill. I couldn't be happier with it though, really nice to ride, I love it.

    For some reason the stem won't go any lower... and I've got the seatpost about a cm too high here, but here's a picture of it pretty much finished.

    The top tube, is defeinitely my favourite bit of the frame...

    Strangely the seatpost is slipping, I've got a 27.2 in there and I have to fully tighten the clamp for it to stick..

    I'll put some tape on and take some better pics when I get a chance.

  • Looks awful. Sell it too me

  • ha. i promise you first dibs @Thrasher , but it won't be anytime soon I'm afraid..

  • Your stem needs to be cut as it is hitting the internal helicoils/ helicals of your forks.

    I have the same problem, really don't want to cut any of my stems though.

  • Strangely the seatpost is slipping, I've got a 27.2 in there and I have to fully tighten the clamp for it to stick..

    Had the same problem with my Thomson. I think it's because of the CNC finish. Some carbon paste will probably work (I mixed some fine grain sand with grease, as I am cheap). I think it's probably wise to use copper grease for your seatpost though, as mine oxidized to the steel frame to the point where it was literally impossible to get it out in one piece.

  • didn't realise people cut quill stems!?! the one i'm using is already pretty short.

    cheers @Tijs , i'll give it a go.

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90's Concorde Giro, modern groupset

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