• I've been happy with my B&M USBwerks running off of a SONdelux hub as a budget option until the new Igaro is released.

  • I heard bad things about USBWerks when I first got into dynamo stuff so I've avoided them. Never had any problems with my D1.

  • I think the USBwerks is okay for the price. I got from Amazon for £50. It charges up my iphone and wireless headphone in addition to Wahoo without complaint.

  • Yeah, just found that through a thread on yacf, ta.

    "We're making good progress. Today the Maximum Power Point Transfer algorithm was implemented - the Igaro D2 knows exactly how much power it can squeeze from your dynamo hub. We're loading it with settings for the SON28 and SON Delux (other hubs tend to be fairly close to these). This was a milestone in Igaro D2's development.

    The Igaro D2 has 4 stage phase compensation. You can see how these stages engage at various speeds (roughly kph = hertz/2). These, plus the MPPT technique above allows for up to 10W extraction from a 3W hub. 92-96% of this power makes it's way into the 99% efficient on-board storage or into your USB device.

    In parallel we're also testing an Igaro D2 with MLCC arrays. If performance is adequate it will shave 8mm of the casing.

    Our next post (target - next Friday) will be a demonstration video of a fully working Igaro D2 charging a Garmin 810. We'll also be showing how the Igaro D2 thwarts the "power lost" message when you're stuck at traffic lights.

    Stay tuned!"

    I kinda want one now though.

  • Looking to pick up the D1 V4 second hand. Can this be stashed in a bar bag rather than strapped to the headtube?

    Any significant problems with this model I should watch out for?

  • Dunno about the production models but I have the original prototype and it got hot in a bag. I mount it to the bars to get airflow over it. No probs.

  • Someone's offering one of these for a ton second hand, says it's all complete and works well. Is this a bit steep? is the Version 5 one (D105)...

  • Jeez, just trying to figure out how this thing works ... it’s so messy, all these boxes and cables going everywhere. Why do they need to be so complicated? I don’t like all the plugs and wires you have to have going everywhere.

    Does anyone who’s used one know:
    Will I have to chop and find a new place reconnect a light that has pre-wired input as opposed to spades on the back of the light? Or do you just ‘piggy back’ the power at the hub?

    The Igaro website is terrible. No diagrammes, no really clear, visual explanation of what all the bits do.

    Fuck it I’ll wait till I can afford the D2. Notable they seem to not be selling D1s any more.

  • It's not that difficult - the bare wires go to the dynamo (connector will differ depending on dynamo type) and the USB is where you plug shit in to get charged. The newer ones have a cache battery hanging off them also.

  • It’s got so many bloody wires. And a switch, and two boxes of junk, and extra connectors and just way too complicated for me. I don’t want all that junk on a bike, I don’t really use bar bags/tt bags so I think I’ll swerve it.

    I can pick up the D2 new for £170. Think I’ll get one of them. Power in, USB out. Simple.

  • Mine don't have switches, connectors are probably for connecting to different dynamos, battery is optional I guess.

  • If you’re after something simpler I have a Cinq Plug 3 for sale - £60

    2 cables to the dynamo, up the steerer, usb in the top cap.

    I had lots of trouble charging higher capacity battery packs due to the current draw limiter on it so it’s sat in a box doing nothing. If you wanted to try before you buy you’re welcome to give it a test for a few weeks then make your mind up.

  • It's not really that complicated? If you have a switch you have one 'in' and two 'outs'. 'In' is connected to dynamo and the two 'outs' are connected to front light and the Igaro. If you switch to the Igaro you get power out of the two usb connectors.

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Igaro D1 "Next Generation" Dynamo Hub Power Converter Reviewers Required

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