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  • I couldn't find a specific thread for these, so thought I'd start one.

    As per correct cycle geek behaviour, I've spent hours on that t'internet reading reviews, noting down dimensions, pros, cons, spennyness etc, and have not arrived at any conclusion.

    I am planning to do some modest tours / day a->b rides using mobile phone to navigate and want somewhere to store battery pack for phone, food and a few other bits and bobs which are handy to access on the move. Ideally I'd want to be able to have enough room on the bars to also mount my phone with a quad lock. Garmin Edge 500 will be on the stem to keep it out of the way.

    Carradice Super C
    Pros: Carradice; cotton duck
    Cons: too wide for my liking

    Vaude Road 1
    Pros: smaller, lighter than Super C
    Cons: nylon, too deep, sticks up above bars

    Rixen & Kaul All Rounder Mini

    Pros: small, Klickfix
    Cons: small, funny shape

    Ortlieb Ultimate 6
    Pros: good size
    Cons: flip over lid, lots of negative reviews

    Blackburn Wayside
    Pros: small, light
    Cons: really a shoulderbag, not quick to take on and off

    Any thoughts? Will probably be paired up with a Carradice Nelson on the saddle, if I can find my old one or may even buy another one. Just for enough space for a change of clothes for when I get to whereever I'm going.

  • Found the rixen & kaul thing for £40 at a place called acycles so pulled the trigger.

  • Lots of people on here like Bigxtop ( http://www.bigxtop.com/collections/cycli­ng/products/rando-bar-bag ).

    They do the stock ones, as well as custom bags. See here and here. Also the owner is on here under the username @jtrent90

    I don't have one but I was researching options recently and this is what I've decided to go with.

  • I have one of these
    I am really pleased with it, and it has a fairly simple bracket which is easy enough to remove from the bars, unlike the Ortlieb Rixen Kaul Klickfix.
    It isn't as waterproof as the Ortlieb ultimate, but I just put stuff inside clip seal bags if the rain is that bad.

  • Greetings folks,

    Allow me to show you a little sewing project I have been working on....

    With my new handlebar set up I wanted to have a handlebar bag to take the weight off my back, so I can feel more comfortable on longer rides. I found my ideal bag - Ortlieb - waterproof, just the right size etc. For the spotters - it is the bikepacking accessory pouch. However I wanted to use this as an opportunity to get THE message across. So I found these lovely letters at the Tooting Sewing Centre and spent this weekend sewing them on....

    First test ride on Sunday morning and works like a treat.... It's also good for me as if I'm plugging that message I need to make sure I don't lose the plot when I get cut up or anything on the bike, so it's win win.

    Pics as below.


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  • Et encore.....

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  • I have the bigxtop handlebar bike, took it touring last summer and was great. Properly waterproof, spacious (especially if you have extra stuff to take temporarily: can leave top open) and easy to attach to bars.
    -hard to close the catch with one hand (sometimes frustrating when trying to snack out of the bag on the move)
    -clear top pocket could be pushed too far towards the front of the bike to be easily seen if the bag was over-full
    -bag sometimes would shake a little in its mount

  • Topeak Compact is pretty good for the money.
    I reviewed mine here: https://yacf.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic­=22920.msg411587#msg411587
    The thing that swung it for me is that it opens facing you.

    It isn't waterproof though.

  • As I'm a numpty I managed to overtighten and crack one of the 25.4mm horseshoe bands while fitting my Klickfix handlebar bracket.
    Does anyone have one spare? Would really make my day!

  • Is that the smaller size bands? If so, quite possibly - will try remember to check my box of tricks tonight.

  • So I’m selling my cargo bike and need some extra storage on the drop bar bike...

    Got a Carradice nelson on the back, but with daughter on board can’t use that!

    Anyone know of a box shape bar bag that’s not got the horrible plastic klickfix mounting?

  • Bump.

    What's the best small bar bag, just for a few snacks, phone, tools?

  • I'm really happy with the bag that Dan (of this forum) made for me. It's perfect for what you describe.

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Handlebar Bags

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