On One Inbred - Electric Conversion

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  • A couple of years back I relegated my On One inbred to be the spare bike I kept at my uncles place near the peaks. great bike, but...

    He's moved to a place without a garage and it has to come back home. I don't have space.

    On a recent trip to Copenhagen I ended up bike touring with a friend who would never ever join me for that sort of thing. The only reason why: we rented him an electric bike. It was lots of fun.

    I'm thinking of converting the on one to electric, enabling cycling with people who normally wouldn't and some tours with friends who like the outdoors, but like not to break a sweat.

    I'll be looking out for a conversion kit for the front wheel, ideally second hand. Any experience on here?

  • No experience but this sounds interesting. I assume you've found https://endless-sphere.com/forums/

    Enjoy, it's like lfgss but only e-vehicle stuff ;)

  • No I hadn't looked for an electric forum, seems obvious now. Thanks.

  • From the fact that you say you'll be looking for a 2nd hand unit I take it you want to do this on a budget? So BionX stuff might be out?

    I don't know much about e-bike stuff but I think most of the cost is in the battery? If so, is used kit definitely the best way to go?

  • Yes, I am hoping to this on a small budget but the more I look into it the more expensive it gets.

    A good point about second hand batteries. It doesn't seem like there's much of a market anyway.

    From the brief research I've done I've realised this is a bit of a rabbit hole and will take a lot more research and money than I expected. Might be a slow burner.

  • Fwiw my mate (who's a money squandering idiot/pioneering early adopter depending on how you see it) did something like this to a pompetamine using bionX things a few years ago. It was supposed to be the ultimate e-bike commuter but it's been nothing but trouble, two engine and battery replacements under warranty so far. In the end I think he got tired of it and made it back into a normal bike. YMMV obviously but it seems like the fancy stuff (bionx) is/can be unreliable.

  • I really like the look of the Shimano Steps system. Would require some frame surgery however.

  • That is by far the nicest e bike kit I've seen.

  • most bike looking electric bike i've seen but i don't think it's front wheel drive

  • Tempted to electric conversion soon so that I don't need to shower at work.
    I've got a 700c hydrid type bike with guards and rack I would like to change the rack to a flat battery type thing so that I can keep the bottle cages.
    I'm looking at 1000w motor on the rear wheel or is that overkill?
    Any reviews to the cheaper conversion kit from China available on ebay?
    Any helpful tips?
    Looking to get it ready by christmas

  • Ben @ Kinetics has done a few Brompton and recumbent electric conversions. He seems like a really helpful friendly guy. Maybe drop him a message?

  • Interested to hear how you get on

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On One Inbred - Electric Conversion

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