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  • I don't even know what this is about.

    But I do know it's consumed my work place, and will consume LFGSS once we discover we can merge this and bike tag.

    So might as well make a thread for it.

  • This is just Ingress with cute characters... ;)

  • However I have APK'd it. There was major problems with the servers getting overloaded though.

  • And buy a massive external battery. The game will eat through the phone battery pretty quickly.

  • That's like saying cocaine is just benzoylmethylecgonine

  • Heh...

    Do be aware that the locations used in the game will have Ingress players there as well. We usually look more dorky...

  • Offline Google maps download helps with battery and data usage (slightly)

    Also Team Valour FTW

  • Small wonder the servers are slowing down so much then... Great game, it'll be even better once I figure out how to get my Pokémon into a gym...

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  • This is just Ingress with idiots, bike accidents, and possibly murders... ;)



    Actually, not murder - but players have been shot at.

  • Mrs and I just had second thoughts about heading out to the local park to get our second catch each where someone has dropped a lure. Definitely unlit and taking head of the newspapers this morning.

  • Caught a Goldeen in a pond in Carshalton yesterday, I've hit the big time

  • I'm going out into the city today, many Pokémonz will be catched!

  • Setup with a phone case bag on my top tube so I can cycle and stop to catch stuff now and then. Tomorrow I'll work out the gyms. Joined team blue.

  • Just tried a gym again and got flattened in seconds, I'm clearly doing something wrong... Not much info online either...

  • Catch lots of the same pokemon then click on the pokemon you don't need scroll down and click transfer, it sends it to professor whoever and you get coins or tokens or something to upgrade the other ones so my 140 gastly started out as 3x50 + 1x75.

  • I've been transferring my Pokémon for a couple of days now, you get candies so that you can upgrade or evolve your little fellas... No coins or other items tho'...

  • Won two gym battles this morning, but couldn't train. Maybe you need to visit a gym controlled by your team to train?

  • Glad I'm not the only one doing this, need one of those rando bags with the clear lid.

  • Caught A Rattata after dropping the kid off, couldn't find a spearow near the school though. I do have a pokestop at the end of my road and 2 gyms on the school route though.

  • Downloaded the other day, sent a pic of a pokeball landing on my crotch to a mate, then uninstalled thinking my work here is done.

    Reinstalled yesterday and in shorts and tshirt cycled around the locale until freezing cold hours later. Took two external batteries with me.

    So far I have a half dozen eggs, and a few higher level guys, but it's all a bit rural here...

    The Chinese Experience restaurant has skill-level-Asian pokemon, and I didn't understand what I was doing when I joined that colour gym. Will go waste my life today once battery charges.

    My rubbish Huawei Ascend crashes sometimes when catching them, lost a few like a Nidorina that way.

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  • How do you get this on iOS?

  • I think you need to fuck with your Apple id or something, or just wait.

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Pokemon Go

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