"A bad workman...": the tool-chat thread.

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  • There are a few "what's the best..." threads, but with at least as much of the forum being devoted to the building and maintaining of bikes as actually riding them, a dedicated tool-chat thread seems warranted: tool-porn, tool-bargains, tool-tips etc.

    Get your workshop on!

    PS If you're looking to borrow a tool, the Open Toolbox forum is the place to ask.

  • Speaking of bargains, Superstar Components are offering 50% off of orders over £100: "TOOL50S" (valid until the end of July).

  • Tempted to get one of these - worth it?

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  • Always wanted these.

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  • or/and

    thread ends

  • An organised workshop, is a happy workshop!

    It depends on the use it'll get: you expect good value fro Aldi, but the quality might not be up to heavy use.

    Worth asking your local garage for advice and if you're a customer, they might be willing to order something in for a trade price.

  • Yeah, I don't want them that much. Anyone have any idea how much they were when they came out?

    I've actually been thinking of getting a tool box lately. At the moment all mine are piled into a plastic box.

  • Snap on are great tools, but not worth the price if you're just using them as a home mechanic.

  • As far as tool porn goes. All about Abbeybiketools and the park tool MW1

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  • Snap on tools are great. Just like park tools are great. A cheap 10mm spanner or a cheap 4mm hex key are ok for use once.......then they become a 10ish mm spanner or a 3.9mm hex bolt rounding off tool. You get what you pay for with tools. With Park and snap on they are guaranteed for life in normal use. So that one tool that costs you £100 you should never need to replace.

  • Speak to people in the motor trade and see if anyone has a halfords trade card. Their tool boxes are fine for keeping the workshop tidy and you can save about 20% with the trade card.

  • Good advice, wonder if snap-on tool chests are in the same price bracket (no pun intended)

  • I have a couple of small plastic toolboxes I was going to bin if anyone wants them. Also a tatty but functional Irwin tool tote.

  • Yeah, I understand. I'm all for good quality and don't mind paying extra for such, as I know they will last. It's just that there is still a bit of a difference between Park Tool prices and Snap On.

    Good shout on the trade card. I actually know a mechanic, may ask him.

  • I recommend Park tool only for specific bicycle tools, all the rest can be done, and better, with Snap On or Beta. Beta are a little cheaper and you can find them on eBay, the quality is guaranteed. They are just less famous here in UK.

  • What about Bahco? I'm after a large adjustable spanner and they seem good quality.

  • I know, Bike Radar: but I quite like Dave Rome's take on things:

  • Worst case I have one if your local to Croydon.

  • I recommend Park tool only for specific bicycle tools...


    I think they trade on their reputation too much: their cheaper tools are poor value (the chainring bolt wrench is a good example) as are the generic tools (screwdrivers, Allen keys etc).

    I've not heard of Beta: I'll have a look.

  • They make good saws, not sure about spanners.

  • Thanks for the offer, but not that way often. You can get the Park Tool one for around £20, may go with that.

  • I was actually looking into the Park chainring bolt wrench yesterday. I've heard their small screwdrivers aren't that good either. Any recommendations on chainring bolt wrench?

  • I never used or heard about, but I googled it now, and I think they are good enough...

  • https://www.rosebikes.co.uk/article/xtre­me-screw-arm-t-1-chainring-nut-wrench/ai­d:228744

    It's the only sensible design I've found, allowing you to apply force and leverage in the directions they're needed (the Park Tools one isn't unique in being a bit shit).

    I've not found it for sale elsewhere, although I'd be surprised if it wasn't something from Taiwan re-branded.

    Postage is a bitch if you order it on it's own and of course now there's GBP/EUR to consider.


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"A bad workman...": the tool-chat thread.

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