LFGSS survives by donations

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  • Cheers @Velocio have just sent over money from this which has blown up more than I could have imagined. Will be a shade more coming once everyone has paid up (with a donation from me too), and will do a post to fill everyone in on the full amount, once all in - and will also be signing up for monthly donations. Thanks to everyone that has donated and made this happen!

  • Oh wow... that's a generous donation. Thank you.

    We're currently over 3 months in the bank as a reserve (almost 4 months!) and it's a good place to be.

  • Yes, super impressive, massive thanks to the forum and all who have participated/donated - same will be going to a youth careers charity in Hackney (once all in). Completely awed by this experience and LFGSS :)

  • I've just set up a monthly donation. I've benefited from everyone knowledge and input on bikes and the general chit chat so want to give back.

  • Sold some more items, so another £20 donated

  • sold some more tool rolls, donation made

  • Ashamed it has taken me so long after so much joy and so many good bits and pieces gleaned from the site over the years. Monthly donation on its way.
    Thank you for the work put in to keep this running

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  • Likewise. Do irregular donates when I’ve sold stuff, but rather ashamed I’ve not set up a regular one before now. Have rectified and will increase it when I’m working a bit more and finances are more fluid!

  • Donated 20 pounds as part of the proceeds of my bag sales off of here.

  • £25 donated for various sales. Thanks again for all your work maintaining this @Velocio

  • So I didn't want to hassle you at a time and forgot about the topic.
    Created PP account and set reoccurring payments.
    Thanks, Velocio!

  • I really love that this forum isn’t plastered in affiliate links, and how quick it is to load. I set up a recurring couple quid surprisingly long ago now but thought I’d mention as it got bumped. Glad there’s headroom in the kitty

  • Small donation coming following the sale of my Roberts frame. Keep up the good work.

  • Donated the extra fiver @LaurenceCardiff very kindly overpaid for posting a saddle to me. Cheers Velocio and Laurence!

  • Bump due to having made a little donation for the first time in a while.
    I'd encourage everyone else to do so too, finances permitting.

    I'm not a prolific poster, and often feel almost guilty that my main interactions revolve around me asking for favours/solutions to problems I'm having - this place is truly special and feels like home despite all that. Thanks, Velocio!

  • Monthly donation re established after I had to cancel my old card a couple of months ago.

    Thank you for all you do @Velocio.

    Just a quick thought, but in ancient times I think you used to recommend a donation amount (buy the forum a beer). Plenty of literature on donation behaviour suggests that doing so can boost donations and if it’s just a suggested amount people who don’t/can’t pay that amount (or want to pay more) can adjust the amount accordingly.

  • Honestly I think the best thing LFGSS can do is figure out a way to have a years worth of operating costs in the bank at any one time. Why operate hand to mouth? Any surplus from that could be spent/donated/utilised for good causes.

  • Can I suggest a QRcode as sticker to have as sticker either for LFGSS' Friends, Bikeshops etc which would link to the donation screen of paypal?

    Just sent some monies too!

  • One off paid because I'm asking a lot of questions recently and getting valuable answers. Recurring donation implemented as I genuinely thought I already had that set up, embarrassingly.

  • @Velocio is there a non PayPal donation method?
    I've just set up on Wise and would like to donate, but don't have PayPal or the urge to ever join again

  • Not a great one.

    One person does this, but it's basically my giving you my personal bank account and then me shuffling the money onto the card that pays the bills at the end of the month.

    Can do it though.

  • I'd appreciate it, as my last donation was about 5 years ago, and I do get a lot out of the site, and now I have Wise setup it can be a more regular occurrence

  • sold some more tool rolls, donation made

  • @Velocio Just to check. IF I want to make a One of donation, I can still use the Donate to Costs link in the LFGSS tab, yes?

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LFGSS survives by donations

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