LFGSS survives by donations

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  • Are monthly costs still circa £600?

    Just above.

    About a year ago it was closer to £700 but then currency exchange moved in our favour and the costs declined again.

    Our costs are largely static in $ and € and fluctuate according to the exchange rate. And it's not a smooth fluctuation as our costs are made up of lots of suppliers (TarSnap, AWS, Linode, Gandi, etc). The £ amount has swung whilst the actual costs are stable.

    As a guide, it costs just over £600 per month to run when ammortized over the year... but some months are actually around £500 and some months around £900 (depending on when domain renewals and TLS certificates are renewed). Donations are around £500 per month with some occasional larger ones, and the overall difference still being made up by a bit of eBay and Chain Reaction Cycles affiliates. We have 2 other donors outside of LFGSS who contribute, Islington Cycling Club donate a monthly amount and Brixton Cycles made a large one-off donation in January that saw us comfortably through January.

  • Question: Should we experiment with Google AdSense banners?

    They've just reached out to me and I haven't tried it in absolutely ages (close to a decade)... but with total number of donors slowly going down, maybe we should try it again?

  • I think if you're happy with it go for it. I don't particularly like ads but I also see that you need to secure a stream of income.

  • Don't mind them at the top or side personally. I hate it when on some forums there's an ad in place of a forum post that you have to scroll over to get back to the content though

  • I would say its worth experimenting.

    Perhaps for non-logged in users first?

    I guess you could also look at A/B testing using a Cloudflare worker to see if it affects engagement (/puke)

  • I’m obviously not a part of the inner circle on this forum, however I am making a monthly donation. It took me 2 years of membership to realize donations were welcome/needed though.
    Aren’t there a way of contacting all members and explaining the situation to them and reminding them? Like in a personal message or something?

    A crazy version could also be an annual charity event where hippy or skinny or someone else would ride something ridiculous to raise money for the forum :)

  • The monthly donation - 'buying the forum a beer' is a good sell I think. I do this (£3) but, when I get round to it, I could bump it up to a fiver.

  • Jimmy Wales sends out emails to everyone in the wikipedia database, every year or so

  • Perhaps for non-logged in users first?

    Or people who have a regular donation get the ad-free version? I think that seems pretty fair: It costs money to run this website, so you can pay us one of two ways - adverts or donations.

    (I'm aware of the fact I'm being hypocritical - I have an ad blocker and don't have a regular donation set up.)

  • just sold my bike. thanks. I have sent some money through.

  • A forum I used to use required you to have paid a yearly fee (5 if memory serves) in order to sell anything. Paying got you a little symbol my your username, it self policed very well.

  • No ads please. I pay regular subscription. If needed I would pay more if it meant no ads. Fuck things.

  • I'd up my PayPal monthly payment (buying the forum a beer) but I can't work out how to do that.

  • Delete the regular payment and create a new one seems to be the easiest solution. I think you have to do it on desktop, not mobile/app.

    This may help.

  • One of the great things about LFGSS is the simplicity to the user and lack of ads. Would it be worth another call to all users to consider setting up a donation?

  • Just set up a monthly donation. This place has been too good to me, well nigh I started giving something back.

  • Creating a new, repeating payment seems just as impossible. Will have another try in a bit

  • Any good?

    Edit, ignore it’s not what it appears to be.

  • The link from the first page helped (although it doesn't look like this)


    Seems easier to do a recurring payment via mobile then online.

    Anyway, £4.50 monthly donation set up, £3.00 (hopefully) cancelled.

  • Yeah I was just about to link to that, don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

  • Monthly donation setup.
    Big up bossman for a site that's given me many good friends and happy memories over the years.

  • Got a little pay rise, upped my monthly amount. Keep it up @Velocio et al!

  • Inspired by the kindness of @rhb donating a Rapha kids jersey I’ve set up a monthly donation

  • Just started a monthly donation.

  • Appreciated, thank you

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LFGSS survives by donations

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