LFGSS survives by donations

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  • Cool, glad you like them.

  • 😊

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  • Went to donate as I am selling stuff on the forum. I get this error message (I have no problem logging into Paypal outside of the site).

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  • But it's working now.

  • Lets keep it movin

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  • Did an extra donation on top of my £3 monthly 'buying the forum a pint' which these days is sadly more like a half.
    sold a few bits on here, and kindly got a sleeping mat donated by a forumenger.

  • Finally sorted out my monthly donation. Done.

  • Just donated 10% of my recent forum sales.

  • Just donated.
    Just for the 'nice' chap who shouted 'helmet' at me on Kensington High St whilst pointing at his own head...

  • Monthly donation done. And I bought some stickers too.

    Feeling the guilt having done a bit of selling on here recently!

  • Monthly donation setup, after my esteemed colleague @Arvy. reminded me of the joy that LFGSS brings to my pitiful existence.

  • Colleague?

    You have our sympathies.

  • I endorse one of the two messages above.

    He didn't call me a colleage when I was making him breakfast 2 Saturdays ago...

  • He left buttered toast at my desk once.
    It was quite sweet.

  • Small annual donation just made. Another 'entertaining' year of reading peerless news views and information. Thanks @Velocio for continuing to making it all happen.

  • Stumbled across this today and was staggered at the running costs so I’ve chipped in a few quid a month, cheers!

  • Likewise

  • NM, worked now.

  • @Velocio What's the financial position, boss?

  • Precarious but liveable.

    We have just over a month and a bit in the bank but have already fully paid this month so logically this is about 2 months worth of runway. I don't ring any klaxons until it's below 1 month or I notice that I'm subsidising it with my credit card.

    A lot of people rolled off their subscription or cancelled it in the Jan-Mar period. Probably a combination of expired cards, pressures of post-Christmas personal finances, and a few people no longer using the forum and cancelling their subscriptions.

    It's all still OK... could be healthier but could definitely be a lot worse. The first part of the year is typically the worst for donations and forum finances, so it being quiet in this period isn't some exception. I'll wait to see if it picks up in any way over the next couple of months before getting concerned.

    It's manageable. And even the 30MB image storage size isn't hurting the AWS costs either... so all doing OK today.

  • Should do an annual Christmas drive: Give someone the gift of LFGSS this year

  • Now also donating a few quid a month to the forum. Great work Velocio.

  • Are monthly costs still circa £600?

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LFGSS survives by donations

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio