LFGSS survives by donations

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  • Useful bump ^

    I had to cancel my donation last month, but this reminded me to reinstate it (albeit at a reduced amount).

  • Thanks for posting the instructions ... I have set up a monthly payment.

  • That’s good to hear. I’ll be sending this months (Jan) stickers payment in a bit.

  • Received :)

    And wow... I should've put it on the front page.

  • Please do, I’ve still got quite a few stickers left.
    I got most of the orders in a couple of hours but only a couple have come through since then.

  • stickers?
    edit: i'll UTFS

  • I've just set up a new subscription and cancelled the old one. A coupla beers a month as opposed to just the one, now :)

  • edit: i'll UTFS

    Possibly another good one to add to the set?

  • I don't even know what that means.

  • I guess you'll just have to use the fucking search to find it :p

  • OK, I'll switch it so that her Gmail is the account login.

  • Am I missing an obvious donation button somewhere? I managed to find the link in the drop down but sure there used to button on the right hand side of the screen or something as obvious.

  • First page of this thread, menu from top of navigation button, home page on the right hand side.

  • Just set up a monthly donation. I have never really thought much into how this site is run if i’m honest but it is my weapon of choice when it comes to everything bicycle, so it’s only fair to try and give something back.

    I saw someone earlier this week someone post a classified ad with the buyer covering postage and a donation going to the forum per item sold. I think this is a great idea as so many people have stuff lying around they can’t really be arsed to list on eBay or gumtree, just little low value bits etc...Someone will most likely take it off their hands and LFGSS gets a couple of quid. Win win.

    I will endeavour to set my own up soon. Cheers

  • Just a little plug for the forum stickers, incase anyone wants some before I make my end of month sticker money donation.
    You can buy them here http://www.cabincycles.co.uk

  • Some amounts just aren't worth giving. Anything below 50p pretty much all goes to PayPal.

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  • Does that also mean that donating 15 every 3 months is better dan donating 5 every month?

  • Larger amounts have less fees than smaller but beyond a fiver it doesn't make a difference. Below £1 it's largely pointless. Below 50p it is pointless.

    As to 15 quarterly or 5 monthly. I do 10 monthly and don't notice it but would notice 30 when it went. So I optimise for my ignoring it.

  • Just going to say again... thank you to all donors.

    Donations are now the vast majority of all costs, and it's such a personal relief to have that confidence that each month that goes by hasn't required touching my credit card and doesn't look like it will in the foreseeable future. I am really appreciating the stress reduction here as I hadn't realised it was something that was stressing me until I realised that stress was gone.

  • Happy to finally contribute.

  • Just bought some :)

  • I have to say, my black LFGSS sticker looks very stealth on my dark green metallic Ron Cooper.
    Popped another tenner in the pot.

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LFGSS survives by donations

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