Huge-Action Monsteur - Wolveurine 650B Toureur (Wolverine)

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  • I've been going back and forth on a build of late, mainly obsessing over the frame. I want something that'll take me on fast, very lightly loaded all-dayers over the rough stuff, as well as more fully laiden adventures.

    For that reason I've ruled out carbon and have been looking at ti/steel. Ritchey's Swiss Cross Disc is highly appealing, if a bit silly in terms of price for steel. I've been talking to a guy about his Salsa Warbird frame (used), but he's also wanting far too much for it.

    In jumps the Pickenflick at a really reasonable price. Has anyone had any experience with these? This bad boy is going for 799.

    I'll be getting some nice hand built wheels and probably a Sram 1X setup. Open to suggestions!

  • Lynskey cross will do it all for you and the picnflk has a mtb chainline which i would avoid.

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  • Isn't the value of the Pickenflick full build better?
    They look lovely in the flesh.

  • I have two (one frame in the attic), chainline issue hasn't been a problem on either of mine - some people have added a 2.5mm spacer to the drive side bottom bracket to solve it.

    my current one is cx1 with 40mm G-one tyres running tubeless - great bike and brilliant value. much better than my ti kinesis tripster which I sold

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  • Considered custom? Polish builders will build you exactly what you want for roughly the price of the On-One

  • Doesn't mention yer budget, maybe have a look at Enigma Ecroix.
    And as for the price of the Ritchey, it's a Ritchey, get yer hand in yer pocket, on my dream list.

  • token datum suggestion

  • I want to build much the same bike at the moment and keep being tempted by a Mason Resolution, but budget is holding me back (if it's an "everything" bike will it be too pretty to mess up in the mud)?

    Salsa colossal was another option, a bit cheaper / heavier...

  • Emailed you Re Ritchey.

  • A nĂ¼ Direction six months on...

  • Slow going piecing it together, but the rims have arrived (Velocity Blunts), along with the Thomson post.

    Elsewhere I've ordered most of a Force CX1 groupset, TRP Spyre brakes, Shutter Precision dynamo, and already have a Chris King headset.

    Currently tossing up WTB Horizon rubber or Babyshoe Pass'. Good to see the Restrap frame bag fitting like a glove, aside from every strap going right over the cable bosses.

  • Wtb .. because straya

  • I thought WTB was American?

  • shit yeah, for some reasons I thought they were Australian. Now that I've said it, do it.

  • Haha, that was all the convincing I needed! Unfortunately it's looking like there isn't any stock of the Horizon anywhere so I might have to order from Italy...

    Anyway, any rear hub recommendations? I'm considering White Industries.

  • Well SBC have them in the shop .. no1 told you to leave

  • American Company, Taiwan made (?) but UK designed/developed.

  • This has made me immediately regret my decision.

  • This is one cool project! Don't know if you decided on the drivetrain.. But I would go for the new SRAM Apex1, but with a praxis crankset:

  • God daaaamn, that looks good. I've already sprung for a Force 1, though I have Zayante's on my roadbike which are incredible. They could be an option down the line though.

  • Living on the dark side of the moon makes international deliveries significantly less snappy.

    Devastatingly I have ordered a non-XD Hope Pro 4 hub, and didn't clock it till the cassette arrived, but fortunately found one elsewhere. Schlow progress.

  • That force derailleur can't clear a 42t cassette as far as I know..

  • Officially probably not but unofficially you'd be surprised how far they'll go Mark at SBC cycles got a zee mech working with a 42 and thats a short cage.

  • We'll see I guess.. My X9 long cage just about fits over the 42, since it was designed for 11-40 cassettes

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Huge-Action Monsteur - Wolveurine 650B Toureur (Wolverine)

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