LFGSS Skinsuit Pickup (Part 1)

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  • Below is my schedule for Pickup spots:
    Thursday: 19:30-20:30 Paddington Station (outside/Basin area- near Beany Green Cafe)
    Friday: 18:00- 19:00- Rapha cycle cafe

    Monday: TBC
    Tuesday: North Drinks until 19:00
    Wednesday: 17:30-19:00- LMNH

    I can also do Monday and Tuesday at Midday- 1300 Central/ City.
    Please PM me for confirmation

    I then go on Honeymoon for a bit.

    Postage available for £7 via PayPal- PM me with Order number and real name.
    Address must match order address.
    Orders will be sent: Wednesday/Friday/Monday/Wednesday.


  • bump.

  • I'll come to Paddington on Thursday.

    Real name: Stone Thunderflash.

    (Not my real name)

  • Grand. See you there Thunder Stoneflash.
    I'll be outside the station (in the Basin)- somewhere around Beany Green Cafe.

  • Beefcake. I'm afraid to look at Strava...

  • Oi sugar tits, where's your selfie?

  • Tonight baby, I've got something special for you.

  • Picked mine up from @HoKe (thanks!). Selfie by the end of the day.

  • So much selfie chat, so little selfie deliverance.

  • Give me 1 hour!

  • .

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  • Tempted to wear mine on the way home. I'm sure everyone else in the train will love it.

  • Omfg!! This skinsuit is amazing!! Thanks @6pt @eyebrows @branwen @Velocio for finally getting this done!!!

  • Shitty photo, plus no bike! Better ones will come over the weekend!

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  • Yeah seriously impressed with these. Excellent kit, and astoundingly good for the price.

    Props to all involved.

    When is skinsuit ride?

  • The price will be higher next time (if there is a next time!) out of necessity as these were a bit close to the line. But yeah, mad good for the money, will still be mad good for a few bob more :)

  • Already want another pair of ss and ls! (As I know I will crash again!)

  • as these were a bit close to the line

    Subsidised by LFGSS would be the phrase you are looking for.

    But hey, we're supposed to support and encourage cycling as a recreation and sport, so whatevs :)

  • Put on a stone in my wedding month.

    I have a feeling my gimp suit will make me look like a very lardy sausage.

  • I didn't say which side of the line ;)

  • Bonus matching door.

  • Fap fap!!

    OMFG! @6pt you outdone yourself!! This skinsuit is amazing! I had a huge smile from work to SE and SE to home!! Kudos!!

  • Would. Sorry about the pockets.

  • What's wrong with the pockets? This is just for training commuting, glad to have them.

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LFGSS Skinsuit Pickup (Part 1)

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