• Can we stop wanking over the possibility of seeing an embarrassing vid

    Way to ruin my plans for the rest of the day.

  • If you behave i'll email you my stash of erotic crisp packets to wank over darling. I keep that gallery for celebrating special occasions.

  • Lineker does it for me too. Cheers.

  • Boohoo

    This cretin has repeatedly sent threatening messages to people, yet is feeling upset that a video he posted on his publicly open instagram account may now be reposted here. Somehow he fails to realise the irony that he feels bullied by a potential video clip of him acting like a petulant wigga, yet he feels it is ok to send threatening messages.

  • Why can't you advertise the bike elsewhere?

    Basically, when is it spam? And does it create a decent and fair marketplace here?

    The community decided fairly early on in the life of the forum that people are quite capable of checking eBay, Bike Radar, whatever... and that cross-posting adverts meant that we were just being spammed.

    It was also determined early on that the worst adverts were the ones that had an item for sale, you get in touch, and discover it's already been sold elsewhere. Those who were cross-posting were absolutely terrible at remembering where they had plastered their adverts, and never maintained them.

    Then there was the fact that price discrepencies arose, £100 on eBay, £75 on Gumtree, but £125 on LFGSS.

    And the underlying philosophy we wanted was not in accordance with all of the above... classifieds is a part of the community, not the point of the community. It's supposed to be a place where people who ride together, meet up, etc can safely trade with each other. Granted, it's bigger than that now, but we can keep things trusted, polite, friendly, tidy and well-maintained by stopping the spam, ensuring people maintain their adverts, and that they price things fairly... all by simply saying that cross-posting... i.e. spamming... isn't welcome and that we'd ban for it.

    That doesn't stop something being advertised here, and if it doesn't sell at the price advertised one can try their luck with eBay or whatever... it just means that the items on here are definitely available for the price offered. That, it turns out, means that there are far more buyers on here as no-one's being screwed around, and it turns out having more buyers attracts more sellers. So prohibiting cross-posting has had the effect of building a more vibrant classifieds section.

    So that's why it's not allowed. The community didn't want spam, the community wanted well-maintained and fair adverts... and because I listen, it became the rule.

  • But is it ok for @dancing james to post this video?

  • If something is posted publicly on the internet then yes.

    LFGSS and Microcosm has no infrastructure to host or serve any video, the video would only be hyperlinked to wherever it was publicly posted. Hyperlinks are not prohibited.

  • Could this not been seen as harassment or bullying? legally that is..

  • No. But it's probably not a good look.

  • Sharing a video, which the person themselves put on the internet, unlikely. But there would be no winners in that scenario either.

  • I have not read the remainder of the conversation, but for what was described, the act of of linking to a video that someone had posted publicly and is presumably still under their control... I cannot see how that is either harassment or bullying.

    "Legally" doesn't make a lot of sense either, the legal definitions of these things I guess stem from the Protection from Harassment Act of 1997 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1997­/40 within which, whilst it is suitably vague (allows a judge or jury room to interpret actual events), it doesn't have anything within that which could reasonably be interpreted as harrassment for the scenario given.

    If you upload a video to the internet, and you own the video and control the video. Then I struggle to see how, in any universe, creating a hyperlink to the video would be harrassment.

    Surely Matt still has control of the video, or is able to assert control and ownership via whatever video platform, and if none of the above then surely it was made with his consent.

    Hyperlinks, to material on the internet in which the person consented would be publicly posted... that isn't, and is unlikely to ever be, illegal or an issue.

    Now... separately... if the combined acts of someone could be argued to amount to a campaign of harassment. Well, that is something else. But I've not read this whole thread, and am not aware of any other interactions between any participant of this thread and Matthew Cutler, and so on the face of it I know of no harassment taking place. If someone reads this and sees themselves in this comment, and is harassing someone... then they should reflect on their personal position, because I'll happily throw them under a bus.

    Still doesn't change the fact that hyperlinking publicly material isn't illegal.

  • How about if everyone contributes to the video url? I'll start:

  • t

  • Can you lock this thread, because we're just going round in circles. Again.

  • He posted the video on his Instagram account and later removed it.

    I had it cached on my computer so made an iPhone video of it.

    Fuck knows who has the rights to it.

    Perhaps in one of his few accurate uses of the english language he realised the double negative in the line "wigga ain't worried about nuthin" and actually meant he was concerned about how people would interpret the video yet is continually not bothered about how his repeated physical threats are perceived.

  • Fuck knows who has the rights to it.

    Here's a hint: not you

  • He holds the rights.

    Anyway, even if he was 'nice' to some on here and grew up a bit, reverting to original threatening behaviour is pathetic. @Thrasher not sure that giving an opinion that he is a twat or referencing an embarrassing video can be called bullying. Posting the video would infringe his rights as the owner and creator but nothing more.

    He acted like a twat, a lot. WAC

  • Unless it's a remix then it's creative fair use.

  • i just had to watch the video again, he is cross eyed with the frustration of a teenage boy who has two broken arms and needs a wank.

  • A fair call. Locked.


No longer for sale on LFGSS, probably on Facebook, user now banned

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