• Hi all,I have for sale my custom mielec. I bought this to hopefully ride crits however circumstances have changed and I am unsure if I will be doing crits this year.

    Frameset was bought from Lfgss and was silver with black carbon cevelo drilled forks. It was ratty and covered in stickers. I love yellow so I had it armourtexed yellow. The previous owner left it unused for a while and rode it hard. It had a shitty and stubborn bb inside it, however my LBS managed to remove the Bb and insert a brand new shimano one after I had the frame sprayed.

    Original Advert: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2867­67/#comment12996103

    The forks I sprayed myself as Armourtex want £60 to do these and I gathered if riding crits and I was to crash the first thing to snap is the fork. I can give the rest of the spray can to the buyer if they want to have it spare to go over the forks.

    So... What is included at £420

    -mielec custom mash geo frameset very light aluminium

    • 57st c-t-t
      54 c-t-c

    -54cm tt c-t-c

    -cevelo carbon fork with carbon steerer and bung.
    -fire eye 1 1/8 headset
    -black spacers
    -shimano square taper bb
    -miche advanced black crankset 165
    -dura ace njs 50t ring
    -Bb and chainring bolts
    -izumi standard green track chain almost new
    -deda zero 100mm stem
    -deda RHM02 drops with yellow cammo bar tape and fizik finishing tape
    -plain black set back seat post
    -ritchty black padded saddle
    -Thomson seat post collar
    -rear halo aero rage flip flop wheel with 16t cog and dura ace njs lockring.
    -front dura ace laced to velocity dark grey rim
    -2x gator skin 25c tyres (excellent condition) and new tubes.

    I will be keeping the front security skewers and replacing with normal bolts.

    I can sell without wheels for £350 ono

    A great street / Crit / track bike

    Note I didn't have the post that high see other pics for build progress etc. I am 5'9 and found this a little big. So would ideally be good for someone above 5'9 IMO but I like a long post and stem :)

    Pics of what you will get:

    Build history, as I got it:


    A few of my builds:

    Based In hackney. Can meet local and in Gospel oak area. Can post at buyers expense.

    Kind Regards


  • Forgot to mention non drive side crank arm was threaded so has been cut to fit an Italian threaded crank remover :)

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  • Didn't even know you couldn't post on here and face book at the same time

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  • Rules still haven't changed in the 3 years you've been breaking them

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  • The 88s are sold. Regards

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  • This thread has genuinely brightened my day. Irrepressibly optimistic folk like CLPetc bring me joy and hope.

    I'm going to read the whole Free World Build thread this afternoon. Then I'm making a petition to get skirtlove in to the UK before the borders shut.


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