Spotted in Glasgow

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  • those jerseys are hawt. Still sad i never got one

  • @rk, Guilty as charged.
    I rode up from Glasgow to watch my wee brother in the hill race, didn't think 200k on the fixed gear was a great idea.

  • Rode behind a guy on a flashy new Aventon frame the other day along the south-west bike lane. Good pace!

  • Chap with orange track bike at Queens Street Station last night. Trés wide bars and braklezz. Dem the cool kidz.

  • Ratty Bob Jackson frame with Wound Up forks, in a central parking garage. Real nice bike. Also parked up was a belt-driven Trek ss.

  • @Drano the bob jackson is mine. I work in that building. The belt driven Trek is pretty cool. I've ridden back to the west end with that guy and he nails that thing

  • Cool! I'm the Fuji Track, work in the cafe, park it in the garage whenever the weather is especially bad.

  • Saw a chap riding a nice looking black fixed Dodici last night -skipping red lights like a boss.

  • Seen a sweet Rossin on Saturday, White frame was 10/10.

    Just off Clyde st at hootenanny.

  • Ah no way, that’s me, I fucking love that frame, was considering selling to fund another build but I don’t think I can bear to part with it..

  • Don’t. It’s sweet as a nut!

  • Cinelli Vig with the deliveroo guys in town. Jealous.

  • My ex would be spotted with another bloke in Glasgow... jealous. Lol

  • Hahaha, looked like it was being looked after at least!

  • That’s me big man. Shouts out yersel

  • Going south by West St Stn; rider obliging my request for skid :-)

  • That’s me! I was daydreaming and didn’t hear you at first!

  • Bit off-topic, but maybe you guys could help a Londoner out with a route suggestion?­

  • It's 100km, but add on cycling to Aberfoyle and getting to a camp site and you'll probably get 100 miles out of it:

  • Great, thanks. Is that all off-road then? Is the ride from Glasgow to Aberfoyle decent, or is it all A-roads?

  • Couple of bits of road but the vast majority is gravel. Not my route, when they did it last year the weather was horrible!

    Route out to Aberfoyle depends on how you want to get there. You can just hit it straight up the A81, I ride it a lot and it's really not that bad, especially if you're off reasonably early. Otherwise you can go out to Drymen via the West Highland Way, over the pipe track and on the cycle path to Aberfoyle. Significantly more climbing/longer (I think) but a lot less cars. Pretty sure all the WHW is CX-bikeable to Drymen and it's been dry so shouldn't be horribly muddy like it can be. I can plot that route for you if you want it?

    Here you go:

  • Bike Umbrella crew at Bellahousten velodrome; nice to meet you.

  • @Polka_Dot on my commute. Good to properly meet you, will give you a shout about fixed lanes.

    In case you were wondering, these are the mudguards I had on:­raceblade-pro-xl/

  • hi


    actually I have the regular length ones, but I’ve slid the front blade out of its stays, and replaced it with a second rear blade, which works quite well; keeps spray off my chain and my toes

  • That's a good tip!

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Spotted in Glasgow

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