How impressive is a trackstand?

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  • i'm often wolfwhistled around hoxton while trackstanding

    someone must be impressed

  • would that have been you ?

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  • I've been practicing on my motorbike, it's v hard

  • Only two groups of people are impressed by trackstands, kids and cyclists who can't do them.

  • So much this ^. I was trackstanding when a parent and young teen crossed the road in front of me. Parent turned to child and said something like, 'look at that guy doing tricks on his bike'. Not only could I see the typical teenage embarrassment in his eyes, but I also suddenly felt like an absolute salad. And quickly stopped track standing. Fking mums....

  • Was said Mum worth a yentz?

  • i find most mums are

  • I think the question is how fun is a trackstand.

    Cycling in London is smelly, dangerous, populated by arseholes and generally exhausting and demoralising. The game of trackstanding at the lights just adds a little pointless challenge to take my mind off it.

    But to answer your question:

    Standing up, on a camber: 4/10
    sitting down on a camber: 6/10
    sitting down no hands on a camber: 7/10
    sitting down, no hands, facing downhill: 8/10
    sitting down, facing down hill, rolling a cigarette, tossing off a cat: 9/10

    No one has ever attempted a 10/10 impressive level trackstand.

  • Good to know I've got some bandwidth to up my crapstand game

  • a solid 5/7

  • It's all impressive to those of us that have never tried (if I try it is highly likely I will commit myself irremediably to another of life's fail sets).

  • I used to do them all the time but my vintage fixies had more relaxed angles, now on modern frames I get toe overlap which isn't an issue in traffic, but would love to know if there an easy way round that without falling over when I set off, thinking about the physics and the tarmac interface has stopped me trying. My doing stands came mainly from not being arsed to unclip back in the days of christophe toeclips and straps on club runs. Yep 72" fixed for 90 miles over the moors - probably explains my right knee. I was fit then. My brothers party piece was a backwards track stand speed circle or no hands which was actually pretty pointless.

  • Right foot forward, front wheel turned to the right, no overlap, success

  • Yes as I suppose you put your right foot down then turn to get out of it. Will give that a go, never really thought about it.

  • I prefer left foot forward and wheel to the left which was fine when I rode fixed but now I just ride gears, it's difficult with the camber on uk roads

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How impressive is a trackstand?

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